1. I remember those days. His last few years my husband was able to get stationed in my home town and I was so happy to be close to my family. Litterally 10 miles away from the base. Then his last year he did in his home state 30 miles away from his childhood home and where most of his family lives. We lucked out at the end. However, it is still hard after all these years to make friends (any longterm friendships). I don’t know if it is me because I was also in the miltary and the bonds I have made with my fellow sailors are golden and I look to others to have that same meaningful relationship and it falls short or I am deeply disappointed. I know find myself with many aquantances and I am fine with that.

    This is a great article and wish I had the support when I was pregant. It would have came in handy.

    • I learned early on in this lifestyle that you will find a few tokens to keep and others are for the moment. It’s ok, enjoy them while you can. But it can be hard too.

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