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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of 1 Natural Way, a TRICARE breast pump provider. All opinions are entirely my own.  

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Being a military spouse has its challenges when it comes to meeting and making friendships.  Add having babies to the mix and boy oh boy.  As a military family, we are usually thousands of miles away from family and need someone to lean on as we go through pregnancy, raising children, deployments, and life in general.  Don’t make the same mistake this ole mama made thinking she could do it all on her own.  Find yourself a strong support system.  And yo, take people up on their offers.  You will have many opportunities to return the favor.  

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Before I had our first child, I was blessed to meet a wonderful woman who wouldn’t take NO for an answer. We met at my family’s very first duty station. We became great friends.  We went to one another’s homes, lunch dates, shopping, and just had good fun.

When I became pregnant, she offered to help me in so many ways.  Of course, I felt like I was superwoman and refused all the help offered.  The day she called, and my husband answered the phone informing her that I was in bed resting because I passed out at work was all it took.  She insisted on checking on me regularly.  Yes, she was on my LAST nerve. DadJonz and her worked out a deal behind my back.  She called me every day and evening.  “Jones, how are you today?  Don’t lie to me!”  “Girl, You are NOT my mama!”

She was there to help me prepare the nursery because my husband was out to sea.  She went on all the wild craving restaurant trips, reminded me of Dr appointments, was right there the day I gave birth and was there after my mom and mother-in-law left, and hubby went back to work.  Oh, it felt great to have an adult conversation and someone to get me out of the house.  This military spouse became my support system; she became my sister.  Even after we moved, she kept me sane.  As I look back, I’m so happy she didn’t take my no for a no.  To this day, this lady means the world to me.  She is now with my family in spirit, but I can say because of her friendship and support, I’m the military spouse I am today.

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Before giving birth, I knew I wanted to breastfeed. Honestly, I didn’t know much about breastfeeding other than what I saw on TV while watching The Baby Story.  I knew it would be beneficial for my baby but didn’t know much about anything else.  DadJonz and I researched breast pumps, best diet, ways to keep my milk supply strong and all things between.

My milspouse friend took time with me in stores, printed out breast pump information (wow, the days before Smartphones) and encouraged me to stay on track with breastfeeding.  She was unable to nurse her child but supported me wholeheartedly in my decision. The biggest obstacle was deciding on the best breast pump model for my dollar.  Well, let me be the seasoned mom to share with you a little bit of information to help you in this area.

1 Natural Way offers several popular brands for you, as a matter of fact, the brands they offer are some of the best on the market.  Medela, Spectra, and Kiinde brands are all Tricare Breast Pumps.  That’s right, your military insurance will cover your breast pump expense.

Oh, got your attention huh?  So, you want to know what you need to do to get yours?

  1. Fill out the insurance information form
  2. Select your Tricare Breast Pump
  3. Sign up for Resupply.  1 Natural Way’s monthly breastfeeding accessories program
  4. Provide a prescription or your doctor’s information (1 Natural Way will contact your doctor and obtain a prescription for you).
  5. Your breast pump and supplies will ship to your front door via UPS or USPS

No matter if you are a spouse or active duty, a breast pump comes in handy.  I stayed home with our first daughter, but I also wanted to have some time out with hubby and friends.  Pumping was a life saver for sure.  With our second two daughters, I went back to work, and the breast pump allowed me to continue providing breast milk to the girls while at daycare.

Not sure if I was unaware of Tricare providing breast pumps at the time of giving birth or if they did at all, but since finding this out, this ole mama wants to shout it for other mamas to know!  Head on over and get started to receive yours now!

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Before I walk away, I want to stress one more time the importance of accepting support from other moms.  Even in the stage of motherhood beyond babies, we need a little support.  That support can be in many forms.  I enjoy going out to lunch, girls trips, shopping or just hanging out chatting.  Don’t get bummed, make yourself a few mom friends that understand the struggles of military life and that will support you along the way.  Trust me, we all need it!

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