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***update Sept 1, 2021.

I’ve wanted to dig deep into sharing about body image from the skinny perspective for some years. I start and stop. But after having a stroke on April 17, 2021, so much was put into perspective for me. One being my purpose. The other being that I gotta get over MY fear and allow God to use me to share my experiences and story to help others who may be struggling in areas of their life. So here I am…doing what I do. Connect with me at SybilJones.com as I focus on body image from the skinny perspective.

WHY ARE YOU SO SKINNY?  This is a question asked to skinny folks more than most imagine.  When someone asks me this question, the first thought that comes to mind is, “MY FAMILY EATS EVERYTHING FROM ME!”  What comes out of my mouth is, “God made me this way.”

Now, as I stand there answering this annoying question, I often wonder what the person would say or do if I responded with any other response.  I mean, what if my answer was, “I’m sick.”  Would they begin apologizing?  Would it even be a sincere apology?  Probably not.  It would be an egg on your face apology.  The open mouth, insert your foot down your throat, into your stomach, and out your butt apology.

What if the response was the original thought?  What will they do about it?  Yep, laugh it off and say, “girl, you so silly!”  But there’s laughter, and maybe that individual really doesn’t have enough food to eat to maintain their caloric intake to maintain their weight.

Or we can accept that there are naturally skinny people in this world.  And be mindful of how your words may come across to others.  People who eat ANY and EVERY thing but have a difficult time gaining weight.  Did you know that genetically skinny people struggle daily to maintain their weight?

Skinny Folks Have Self-Esteem Issues Too

I was a guest on a Real Happy Mom Podcast and shared some of my struggles with skinny shaming.

Ohhh…yes.  That person you just asked that annoying question of, “why are you so skinny?” may have just finished crying and dealing with self-esteem issues because they’ve dropped two pounds.  Yeah, it’s such a thing to beat yourself up mentally about not being able to gain weight.

Comments to anyone about one’s weight can harm one’s self-esteem.  One will clearly state that it’s offensive to walk up to a curvier person and say, “You’re FAT!”  But, if someone walks up to a skinny person and says, “Oh MY GOSH, You NEED to eat a burger” or “You’re SOOOO Skinny,” it should be taken as a compliment.

Most people don’t acknowledge that comments toward skinny people about weight and size are hurtful.  Many feel it should be taken as a compliment.  Or that there’s a grand privilege to be skinny.   We can make the argument of one’s privilege(s) all day long.  And yes, we all have privileges in life one way or the other.   BUT……we also must remember struggles come in life for everyone.  Yeah, yeah.  I will explain what I mean in a later post.

Why are you so skinny, you ask.  Well, for me, my answer will always be, “God made me this way, and I LOVE IT!”

And no matter what your body size is, I hope you LOVE YOURSELF and embrace YOUR body.  ROCK IT!

Remember this…..you are beautiful regardless of what others may say or think of you.  Look, once this gal accepted herself, no one could touch me! Oh, you have something to say about my size?  Oh…yeah, that’s right!  I’m SKINNY and FABulous.

LOVE YOU.  That’s the best thing anyone can do.

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