what to wear in hawaii for winter
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What To Wear In Hawaii For Winter From Fashion Diva Girl

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Hi today I’m going to talk about my Hawaiian fashion. I moved to Hawaii last December. Let me tell you what you are supposed to wear in Hawaii for winter.

Throw out your WINTER COATS you don’t need them it is going to be very hot. Bring a light jacket with you because in December it was windy and a little chilly. Wear shorts and a short sleeve shirt. Also, wear a skirt for girls and shorts for boys, but girls can also wear shorts if the would like.

When I’m in Hawaii I think it’s the hottest place on earth, but I know that’s not true. I like going to the pool in my neighborhood, but I don’t go a lot.

Carlos my dog just stays in the house and likes to chill after a walk around the neighborhood. He drinks a lot of water when he gets back from a walk and water is dripping down his face.

What I like wearing in Hawaii are a dress or shorts. Shoes you should wear are sandals and flip flops. I wear sandals. I only wear tennis shoes at school if I have P.E.

My fashion choices of wearing things are great. My mom asks me if this or that look good on her. I share my honest opinion.

I go shopping for Hawaiian stuff to decorate my fashion Hawaii room. Today we went to an outside store called swap meet it was big. There was food, earrings and more. I got a fluffy clip bunny I could clip it on my backpack for school. And a seashell nightlight. I’m going to try it out later today to make sure it works. There are a lot of cool places in paradise. I hope you guys can come.

How about these great tips from Fashion Diva Girl?  So, if you are vacationing or moving to Hawaii during the winter months plan accordingly.  I love having my children share a bit of their story with you.  Give it up for Fashion Diva Girl!  Be sure to give her a share and leave her a comment.  She will respond to every single one.  

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