I Found My Happy Place In Lovely Hawaii

Maltese living in Hawaii
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It’s been awhile since Carlos came by to brighten your day.  What has this little fella been up to?  How is this Maltese living in Hawaii?  Well, well.

Carlos is living it up in Hawaii.  Hold on, let me get him so he can share what he’s been up to lately.

Ruff, Ruff.  I’ve been living it up!  My mom went to the mall a few weeks ago while my granny was here visiting.  They came home with a rug from this department store called Ross. She always tells DadJonz that she goes there cause she can SHOP FOR LESS and DadJonz always rolls his eyes.

Mom put the rug down at the front door, and I fell in love.  This woman used to fuss at me to get off her rug, but it’s mine now.  I don’t budge.  Nope, not one movement.  I used to greet her at the garage door, but if she wants to see me first thing, she can walk her happy butt to me at the front door!  Shhhhh…..don’t tell her I said that.

I’m Just The Maltese Living In Hawaii and Loving IT!

If I’m not on my rug, I’m relaxing outside sunbathing.  It’s always beautiful weather here in Hawaii, so I knock on the sliding door in the kitchen to go out and relax.  Sometimes I need to get away from all the crazies in the house.  Goodness that Fashion Diva Girl is nonstop.  Always singing and dancing.  I mean, she does have some moves and all but SIT DOWN sometimes.  Equestrian Girl Forever talks about horses all day.  I pretend to fall asleep, but she recently signed up for Pony Club and got all of her study guides.  She wants me to study with her.  Honestly, humans, I don’t care one thing about horses.  They are some big old dogs to me that could step on and eat me.  Nope!  Not EVER going to the barn.  Overly Opinionated Teen…well, she has an opinion about everything and is always blaming me for messing in her room.  Well, look what I did the other day!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………And there’s NOTHING she can do about it!

DadJonz and I hang out tough now.  He still feels the need to say he doesn’t like me, but we all know it’s a LIE!  He makes me bacon on the weekends.  He chats with me as he grills, and he even ran around the yard with me the other day.  Then MomJonz came out and had to ruin all the fun.  Dude thinks he has everyone in the house fooled about not liking me, but they all know he does.  I’ve finally grown on him.

In a dog bone, I’m living the life and enjoying every moment of Hawaii!  The backyard is great, the freedom to stretch out and chase the birds.  I REALLY LOVE chasing the birds!!!!!

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Ohhhh…..one last thing.  My mom has this idea of supporting people.  Like, she’s really into this kind of thing.  It’s cool with me, cause that means I get to enjoy my rug more in silence.  But, this lady that hugged mom when we first moved (RUFF!  MomJonz isn’t much of a hugger) has these eyelashes that I really want to lick.  Like, I just want to taste them! BUT, I don’t think that will go over well, so I won’t.  But, I will share where you can get your eyelashes to look the same and maybe I can lick yours?  Just kidding.  RUFF! RUFF!

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  1. Well shoot, Carlos… I wanna come visit!

    1. He told me to ask you if you will cook him some yummy food. He’s all down for it. hehehe

  2. Aloha Carlos ?from Mia Yorkie from Cleveland, Ohio ??

    1. He said hello! hehehe

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