This Weather Is So Disrespectful

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It's cold in DC - What to wear in January in D.C.

This weather is being real DISRESPECTFUL right now!  We are freezing our butts off in Washington D.C. right about now.  Our feelings are hurt!  This time last year we were all walking around with shorts and tank tops, relaxing on the beach.  The denial of being in D.C. is over because my body is in complete shock with these temperatures and wind.

If you are moving to the Washington D.C. area from a warm duty station (military) or relocating here for a job or pleasure, please be prepared.  THE WEATHER IS DISRESPECTFUL!

So, You’re Wondering What Clothes To Wear In Washington DC in January

  • A coat – don’t even play.  You need a coat!
  • Gloves – the temperatures are cold, and it’s windy out.  Please don’t get frostbite.
  • Hat – keep your head and ears warm.  My youngest child wears earmuffs and pulls her coat’s hood over her head.
  • Layers – sweaters and sweatshirts.  Throw a t-shirt on under your sweater.  You can always take the sweater or sweatshirt off when you’re inside.
  • Boots! – I’m a believer in being fashionable and comfortable with footwear.

There has never been a lack of shoe choices in my closet.  Even while we lived in Hawaii, I had a couple of pair of boots in my closet.  And yes, I wore them, but they were fashionable boots, not made for warmth.

Sorel makes the best boots in my opinion for cold, wet and snowy weather.  My first experience with this brand was on an adventure six years ago while living in Japan.  We went to see the Snow Monkeys and boy was it cold.  My feet remained dry and warm the entire day.

I had never heard of the brand until a friend offered to let me borrow her boots.  After walking around in the snow all day and could still feel my toes, and not a drop of wetness to my socks it was a MUST! I immediately purchased two pairs and continue to enjoy them to this day — great quality, warm and lots of fashion options.  They have sandals too.

You can shop and save with Sorel boots via Ebates.  It’s FREE to sign up and receive CASH BACK.  Over 2,500 stores are available to shop from.

So, to answer the question “What to wear in DC in January?”  Warm clothes and BOOTS!  You gotta have boots.

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  1. I love DC, but I’ve only been there in the summers so it might be a shock to my system to extra winter. Thanks for the info.

  2. Yes! Boot are key. Living in Germany I’ve discovered so many great brands and am already dreading the day when I wear them out and can’t replace them. 🙁 All day in snow with warm toes!!

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