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A group of men in uniform marching on the field.

photo courtesy: Gunnery Sergeant Sims (retired 2015)

Veterans Day is November 11.  Veterans Day honors military personnel who have served in the United States Armed Forces.  It falls on a Sunday this year but will be observed by the government Monday, November 12.  Some school systems will be closed and others will open.  Our kids will be in school on Monday.  While they are in school, hubby and I will enjoy exploring D.C. and a few of the Veterans Day Discounts and Promotions at local and national businesses.

Many cities will hold special ceremonies in observance of Veterans Day.  Hubby and I plan to spend Veterans Day in Washington DC exploring the museum exhibits and monuments.

While out and about we will grab lunch at one of the participating restaurants saluting our military on this day.

We will also plan to enjoy some of the other great discounts being offered by local and national stores.  Being that we are new homeowners, we still have some decorating to do.  When I heard about Bed Bath & Beyond’s Veterans Day discount we couldn’t resist!  So, we will head out this weekend and shop for a few items and save!

There are many businesses offering some great Veterans Day Discounts and Promotions this weekend.  Check out this LIST.

And if you’re reading this and not affiliated with the military, be sure to thank our service members for the time they served and the time they are serving to protect our country.

A field of american flags with the words " military bridge ". Com " in front.

photo: MilitaryBridge

I was unaware of businesses giving back to our military when I first entered military life. Sites like MilitaryBridge is a great resource to learn about promotions and discounts for local and national businesses at your next duty station.  Yes, even before you arrive at your duty station you can begin your research on local schools, local businesses, etc. all on one site.


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