1. Appreciate what you’ve shared Sybil and coupons..yes!
    I haven’t been able to go to Cosco yet but hope in the future I can get a membership and stock up some. My daughter goes and could go with her but she’s 10 miles away and usually after working not up to running that far lol
    I always cook at home with few exceptions and have a tight, tight budget. Your sharing this encourages me as I plan meals. It does make a world of difference. My grandson is here on the weekend and doesn’t complain too much if he wants to eat lol
    I have a food stock pantry so can plan meals from what I have if needed and a deep freezer as well. Do you have a deep freezer to store frozen items in for meals as you go forth. It helps a lot

    • Hi Cindy. We have a deep freezer and will be using it more. We are going to only buy meat from our local butcher and freeze it. Hopefully, that will help cut down on the waste. We waste so much money buying food and not using it. On a mission to do better. Already have my meat out to thaw for dinner tonight. Totally understand about the 10 miles. It’s not far, but after work and especially with traffic. That can turn into a nightmare of a drive for sure.

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