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Welcome to another one of MomJonz’s quick question and answer sessions!  So, do you have a child that refuses to eat the meals you cook?  Are you just done and over it?  Remember, you’re aren’t alone.  Your child also isn’t the first and most definitely will NOT be the last to be a picky eater.

When our girls were young and started being the picky little eater I wanted to beg and plead for her to eat.  You see I said her (singular), cause after that first rodeo it was for the birds.  There wasn’t going to be any begging and pleading for the next two.

Look, let me say it, “Your child will NOT starve!”  You stood in the kitchen all day or maybe for a whole 15 minutes cooking a meal (hey, MomJonz doesn’t judge.  Cause, I’m no gourmet cook.  My entire family gets excited when we’re invited to my friend’s house for dinner cause she can throw down!).  Anywho, you serve that delicious meal, and your sweet, precious little one refuses to eat it or slings it off the table or high chair.  After you gather yourself and clean the mess why in the world do we (guilty) immediately run and fix them another plate?  From experience, STOP IT!  Eat your food, enjoy it while it’s hot.  Your kid needs to learn that’s NOT acceptable.  

Ok, some of you are MAD at me right now.  Cause how dare a mother eat and ignore her child.  It’s not ignoring the child; it’s ignoring the behavior.  It’s teaching your child this specific behavior is unacceptable up in here.

Yes, I did go back and offer food again, but if they refused, it was a wrap.  They waited until the next meal.  All of our kids lived, no one starved.

So, how do you handle this when they get older?  Ok, so you’re past the little people stage.  Now your child wants options.  Now you are to become a short order cook.  Hmmmm…..nope, not happening.  You eat what I cook or nothing at all.  If you want a sandwich instead of what I’m cooking, then you are more than welcome to make it yourself.  But you will also clean up after yourself.

Picky eaters don’t end at tween and teen life either.  Kids will still complain about not wanting to eat what is being served.  Here’s my rule now.  “Sure, I will take you to pick up food, but you will pay for it yourself, and you will pay me for my gas and time.”  And yes, I keep their money, shooooooottttt.  Gas is NOT free and my time most definitely is precious.

Options are ok, but not after you’ve been in the kitchen cooking it up for your family.  It’s ok to have kids eat exactly what you cook for the rest of your family.  No need to become a short order cook and drive yourself crazy trying to please everyone.  Hey, it’s a life lesson everyone will appreciate later.  That being, “you will not get everything you want in life.”

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