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A few weeks ago, we attended a Navy event.  Hubby told me about this weeks in advance, but it went in one ear and out the other.  Nope, didn’t even write it on my calendar.  He mentioned it a couple of days beforehand. And yes, I tried to get out of it.  And of course, he reminded me how much he paid for the tickets, so I sucked it up and went. 

We took an Uber (use the affiliate link to claim a FREE UBER ride up to $5) because we always believe in safety.  No drinking and driving.  Neither one of us drink a lot, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

It was a cold evening as we hiked to the actual entrance from the road.  Yes, I had lots to say about it.  Shoot, it was a workout for sure.   And it was COLD.  And yea, this gal had on her heels.  Felt like we walked for 20 miles.  

Finally.  The door.  There was a coat check, but it was right inside of the doorway and hmmm…..I was still cold.  I also thought about waiting for my coat when we left.  Long line + near the door = cold.  No thanks, I will just keep my coat with me.  

We’re inside, and I just wanted to know where the food was.  Nope, don’t need to talk to anyone.  Give me my name tag and let me be.  We all know that’s not how military events take place.  You sort of mingle, chat, act like you remember people and smile a lot — not that night.  Nope, I just couldn’t do it.  I wanted to eat.  It had been a long day in the office, and I just wanted to eat before I passed out.  Seriously, my face was about to hit the floor.  

When that food table came into view, it was on and popping.  Honestly, I think I left DadJonz.  Fixed me a plate and was grubbing.   Yes, folks, your girl was getting down and wasn’t worried about what anyone was thinking about her.  Shhoooottttt, I was hungry! 

And oh my!  A few familiar faces came around the corner.  We hugged and immediately busted out laughing.  No words needed.  Just seeing one another again was enough to trigger memories and joy.  There were a few people that I had no clue who they were.  They remembered me, and no, I didn’t pretend I remembered them.  Trust me that takes way more work to pretend then to say, “sorry, girl, you know we meet so many people.”   And yes, I kept right on munching. 

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Fast forward, hubby was talking to some folks.  A lady came up, and we started chatting as we figured out we were stationed together before.  Ok, here’s the kicker.  We both remembered one another; we are even Facebook friends.  As the conversation continued, we realized we are both in the same area.   Ugggghhhhhhh…..DUH!  Heck, we’ve commented on one another’s posts.  For some reason, it didn’t click that we live near one another.  Like, almost neighbors close.  

That right there is one thing that we love about Military life.  We meet people, leave, but there’s always that possibility of reconnecting.  In the process of reconnecting, you may have the chance to meet new people; your old friend’s friends.  That means building new relationships.  That means learning something new.  That means the ability to learn about a different perspective on life, a new area of the world and the best thing, learning more about yourself.  With every new person we meet, we are challenged to open our minds and hearts a little more.  Ok, not going to get deep with this post, cause it’s soooooo not the point.  


Let me confess here.  So, the lady I reconnected with and talked about getting our families together.  I meant every bit of it.  But yo!  We saw one another at the commissary.  My mom was with me as we shopped for Thanksgiving.  The lady saw us first and said my name.  I drew a total blank.  OMG.  Can we say embarrassed?  Couldn’t even introduce her to my mom.  Luckily she’s a good ole southern gal too and went right in with a hug and telling my mom how we know one another and all that good jazz.  As soon as she walked away, of course, her name came to me.   Sorry girl.  Old age, old age!  

So, what’s the point of this article?  I kind of forgot.  So, we are going to go with it being about how the best thing in life is always to Be You! 

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No matter where you go, who you meet, the company you keep.  If you are just you, you win.  You’re golden!

Everyone my family has met has gotten us.  The true us.  They may not always like us, but they get the real deal.  So, when you meet people, give them you.  Let yourself shine.  Don’t pretend.  It’s hard work, and you forget who you delivered.  When you go to a military event or any gathering, remember to be yourself and have fun! If you ever see me at a Navy event and want to have some fun, come on over and say, “HEY~~~~ MOMJONZ!” 

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