My Husband And His Breakfast Bars

Organizing Your Morning Breakfast
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Organizing Your Morning Breakfast
Organize Your Morning Brew & Breakfast

This is wrong of me in so many ways, but I have to share.  DadJonz wakes up at the crack of dawn Monday thru Friday to workout.  After he finishes his workout, he heads to the kitchen to start our coffee (I’m not allowed to make coffee because it’s too weak, WHATEVER!) and to tell the girls to have a good day at school.

The kids head off to school, and I return home from walking them to the bus stop.  Every morning I find him chatting to Carlos.  I laugh and keep it moving cause he swears he can’t stand this dog.  After this, I can’t tell you what this man is doing.  For the life of me I don’t know why it takes him so long in the shower and so long to throw on his uniform, but whatever.

Breakfast Goodies
What’s For Breakfast

He finally appears again.  YAY!  At this point, I am setting up my workstation at the kitchen table (this drives him bonkers cause I have an office) and turning the T.V. on to watch Jerry Springer.  He grabs his coffee and his breakfast bars (2 to be exact), kisses me and off to work he goes.  Well, one day he opened the pantry to get his two breakfast bars.  He turned to ask me if I moved them.  Hmmmmm….no!  I don’t touch them, ever!  All of a sudden he uttered; “that DARN Softball Chef!  She ate my last breakfast bar!”  Of course, I busted out laughing.  Remember me saying that DadJonz is the laid back one in the house, but messing with his food will get you jacked.  Apparently, he told her she could have one a few days prior.  She took that as anytime.  Boy, he was hot!  I quickly pointed out he was looking in the snack basket in the pantry.  Anything in the snack basket is fair game.  The snack basket isn’t the breakfast shelf, so your bars are in the wrong place anyway.

The poor guy walked out the house sad.  A man and his breakfast bars can’t be messed with.  So, the good wife I am, I snapped into motion.  I thought to myself, “Let me organize him a little grab and go coffee bar.”  This will be off limits unless your name is DadJonz.

Organize A Breakfast Hub
Grab & Go For Hubby

He prefers his Silk Almond Creamer, and I like the Almond Joy.  We keep the Coffemate on hand in case we run out of the refrigerated creamer, and The Softball Chef uses creamer in some of her recipes.

Organizing this little hub was simple, not much went into it.  I had the storage bin stuffed away in the cabinet after my lovely children melted it a bit.  But, I kept it knowing I could use it for something.  So, here’s a list of items used for this hub:

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffee Programmable Brewstation
Plastic Storage Bin
Cliff Breakfast Bars

Organizing should be kept simple.  No need to be fancy about everything. Make it work for you, your family and your home.  A Mom’s Blog is an Amazon Affiliate.  I will make a small commission from the links provided in this post and I do appreciate you clicking and purchasing via my links shared.  ~MomJonz  

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  1. Your hubby and I have a lot in common – I too have the routine of waking up EXTREMELY early to go work out. I love getting that done before the day starts! 😉

    1. I’m still curled up in bed. lol

  2. Bars do the job, since I’m not really a breakfast person.

    1. He loves his breakfast bars.

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