My All Time Favorite Pencil For Back-To-School

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********Updated August 2020********

No matter what grade your child is entering, they MUST use a pencil. You can get away with not sending a binder or backpack (I highly recommend sending a backpack, though. ‘Cause they usually send home lots of important papers) on the first day. However, it’s a wise idea to send at least one pencil and notebook.

Let me tell you about my ALL time FAVORITE pencil. Yes, I have a favorite brand. Dixon Ticonderoga pencils are AWESOME!

Reasons I Like Ticonderoga Pencils

1. The lead doesn’t break easily – no need to have to keep sharpening pencils and waste time.

2. They are easy to sharpen. When it is time to sharpen them, your child won’t need to stand at the sharpener all day missing out on that math lesson.

3. Smooth writing. I can’t say more.

4. A good eraser. Yikes! Keep that paper as neat as possible.

My kids writing with their Ticonderoga Pencils
My kids writing with their Ticonderoga Pencils

Along with a great pencil, I recommend sending a personal pencil sharpener. Honestly, I never thought much about sending a personal pencil sharpener with my kids, as it was never listed on their school supply lists.

Last year, my 4th grader (now 5th grade) came home asking if we had an extra pencil sharpener she could take to school. Hmmm…, but I told her I would run out to get her one the next day.

She came home the following day with a cute little light bulb pencil sharpener her teacher provided to each student. The reason the teacher did this was an excellent idea and one I never really considered. It kept kids in their seats. Personal pencil sharpeners kept the distraction down and eliminated the line at the electric pencil sharpener during class time.

My daughter loved having her personal pencil sharpener because she didn’t have to interrupt the teacher and she didn’t have to wait in line during morning sharpening times. She was able to use that time visiting with her seatmates or getting started on her morning work a bit early.

Pencils For Distance Learning

My then 5th grader is now entering her freshman year of High School. Time sure does fly.

There’s a lot of changes and unknowns because of COVID-19. Our state is 100% distance learning to begin the school year. I had to pause and come up with a plan to handle virtual school this fall. And I must admit, I forgot about getting school supplies. Hmmmm……

Back To School Shopping In 2020 Is Going to Be Different

Back to school shopping in 2020 is going to be a bit different. You may not shop for clothes, but your child still needs school supplies.

Don’t forget! Cause, hmmmmm….I did. SMH

They will use their laptops for distance learning, but regardless of the grade they are entering, there are a few basic items they will need.

  • pencils
  • pens
  • paper
  • crayons
  • color pencils
  • folders

And no worries…

Ticonderoga also makes pencils for your beginning writers; Ticonderoga Beginners.

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  1. I am a teacher so will have to look for these for my classroom.

    1. I love them.

  2. I agree 100%. These are My All time Favorite Pencils too!! The lead never breaks In the wood.

    1. Yes! Love them.

  3. Hello there,

    Thank you for sharing this. I hate pencils that break easily and often when I am using them also.

    I don’t love the stationary shops as they can be expensive when going back to school. I have Times three kids. Now mine are in high school it is slightly different and maybe more expensive for different reasons. Thank you again.

    1. Yes, multiple kids will increase the cost of school supplies tremendously. We have three as well, and when I look at the lists, I want to cry sometimes.

  4. Good idea, I wish I would have thought of these when my son was little. Now he wants to use pens for everything. Thanks for the headsup.

    1. My girls love their pens too. I just tell them not for math. lol, It seems as they get into middle school, the teachers require the use of pens more.

  5. I use the same pencils and I love them, I think they’re the best!
    I really like the price comparison, it’s crazy how the same item can have so many different prices, even if they don’t vary a lot.
    Great post!

    Samantha |

    1. Yes, a little comparison goes a long way.

  6. I GENUINELY DONT use pencils much these days My kids do and they say these are awesome pencils…go figure!

    1. Yay! They really are great!

  7. I remember the first time I used that pencil…It is for sure one of the best! Thank you for the price per pencil breakdown!

  8. [ Smiles ] Thank you for bringing that particular brand of pencil to my attention.

  9. Thank You for sharing this I hate pencils and this is a great way of understanding the pencil breakdown.

    Lori English

  10. Not all pencils are create equal. Who knew? Thanks for sharing.

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