1. Kemi

    What an honorable event for you to be a part of, Sybil! So proud of you! I love the story. Beautiful photos!

    I laughed at what you really wanted to say to Megan! ?

  2. Oh man this is such a great article Sybil!
    You are amazing and I’m so proud you just were you and bold to talk with these people of honor, visit with their families and yes a conversation with Megan. Even got some hand sanitizer too lol
    I so hope maybe she’ll still invite you to the view. Your too dynamic not to!
    Marcus jumped right in with no hesitation, some shoe talk and enjoyed all the delicious food too.
    I’m so glad you stepped out and did this. I believe it’s a life changer for certain.
    Thanks so much for sharing and love all the pictures!

    • Thank you Cindy. Ohh…I was laughing so hard at my hubby. He’s usually the quiet one and in the corner. Our roles reversed for real that night.

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