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A small white dog laying on top of a brown couch.

Things are getting real over here.  My mom is finally activating my social media accounts.  She had this great idea of sharing my adventures when we moved to Hawaii, but she got sidetracked.  After several #MaCs suggested that I have my own IG account she got on the ball.  Maybe these ladies should ask her to give me my own couch to sit on as I please.  Hint! Hint!  So, The Adventures of Carlos is joining all the other dogs’ social media fun!

What is this whole #MaCs thing?  It’s a group she has on facebook called Mamas and Coffee.  It’s all about empowering one another.  Mom gets to talking every morning, and I wonder what’s so funny as she stares at the phone talking and laughing.  I guess someone is on the other side of that screen.  It’s fine with me cause they are always typing #teamcarlos when I get in trouble!  So, they love me, and I love them!

So, this new social media life.  Let me tell you.  My family already loved taking pictures of me and telling others about the havoc I cause. Now they want to share it with the world.  You know what?  It’s pretty cool.  Maybe I can make some new friends cause I swear the dogs next door want to eat me.

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Is it safe to meet other dogs on social media sites?  Not dating.  I’m not trying to be in a relationship, just other dogs to follow and discuss how crazy my humans are.  Yes, humans.  We talk about you when we’re with our friends.  The Secret Life of Pets is based on a true story.

Add Carlos To Collection Of Dogs On Social Media

Do you want to know where you can follow me?  Come on over to The Adventures of Carlos on Facebook and The Adventures of Carlos on Instagram.  

A small white dog laying on top of a brown couch.

What will you find on my social media account?  Of course, you will see my lovely face.  Yep, so handsome.  Pose, pose, pose.  Of course, I will model some of my clothes when I feel like getting dressed.  DadJonz finds it weird that I wear sweaters and jackets.  Honestly, I find it weird too, but my people love dressing me up.  And all the human ladies swoon over me when I’m walking the streets.  Hmmm…maybe that’s why the neighbor dogs don’t like me.  Oh, well.  That’s their problem.  Or maybe they DO like me and the barking is their way of communication.   I’ve been around too many humans, and I’m forgetting my own language.  Yes, I need doggie friends!  Toys!  Yes, I will show off my toys too.  Not sure if Santa Dog is going to bring me any new toys this year for Christmas because I like to tear them up, but if I have any under the tree, I will show them to you on my social media accounts.

Well, it’s time for a good ole nap.  Be sure to go like my social media pages and stay connected with #teamcarlos!  I’m the man!

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