Keep Your Kids Learning This Summer

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Avoid Summer learning loss by having your child practice skills with the best workbook ever

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School is almost out for the summer.  I don’t know about you, but this mama is ready.  This school year has been the toughest for our kids for sure.  Not because of the school work itself, but for the social aspect of life.  Trust me. I will do a blog post about that later.  Even when school is out, we continue some sort of learning in our home not to fall victim to the infamous summer slide.  Read on to learn what I believe is the best summer workbook of all times for all ages.

Some of you are already thinking, “this lady gives her kids schoolwork during summer?  Nope, not doing it, summer is meant to have fun!”  Summer is fun in our home, but it’s also a time to ensure kids catch up where they should be, remain on grade level and get a bit ahead.  Summer learning loss is real folks.

We have a rising Freshman, so I’ve been in this game for awhile.  I strived to ensure we didn’t fall victim to the summer learning loss because it’s real folks.  How do I know?  I’ve volunteered in schools A LOT! Kids come back and yes, the teachers review material from the previous year, but they end up spending time reteaching material a child should already know.  It can happen to any child, so don’t think because your child is advanced that they may not lose a bit of knowledge over the summer.

Practice math facts with the best workbook ever

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash

Kids experience a bit of learning loss because they aren’t exercising their brains.  Yeah, let’s just call it what it is.  Summer break equals playing all day or video games outdoors.  Doing these things are ok.  Trust me. I send mine out to play or off to their rooms, cause Lawd knows I need silence sometimes.  Yes, my kids are chatterboxes and will argue with one another all darn day.

So, since I’ve been in this game for awhile, I’ve had the pleasure of trying different things to keep the kids up to speed with their education during the summer.  I have an all-time favorite.  I call it the best summer workbook EVER!  I believe in keeping life simple.  This workbook has math, reading, science, social studies, reading, and P.E. rolled in one.  It’s also set up to give your child a review of the previous grade and a glimpse of what to expect for the upcoming grade.

My vote of best summer workbook covers many grade levels.  Pk-8th grade.  It is numbered by days for each lesson.  This makes it easy to keep track and allows the kids to work independently.  An answer key is also provided along with star stickers to mark the completion of each lesson.

Summer is meant for fun and relaxation, but be sure to include a bit of education to ensure your child is ready for the next school year.

Do you have a favorite workbook or learning experience you enforce in your home during the summer?

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