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Kids get annoyed with parents for many different reasons. Here are a few of those reasons from my tween. 

I asked my kids to share what annoys them about things we do as parents in our home.  One of my kids tackled this. The other two stayed far away.  They wanted no part.

It seems like parents get bored and have nothing to do, so they start yelling.  It’s like it’s for pure entertainment. 

  1. Parents can get on the kid’s last nerve by talking to us. How many times are you going to tell us the same thing?  We heard you the first time.  What does the situation on TV have to do with me?  I’m receiving this long lecture about a scenario you’ve made up in your head.  I better not say nor show body language exhibiting they are getting on my nerves.  But do know, I’m thinking it. 
  2. When we are about to do something, you have told us to do. We are about to do it, and you start yelling at us to do it. We need a second to get up.  
  3. Y’all start making up random rules — no explanation needed here.  You’re laughing cause you know it’s true.  
  4. Parents yell at us for no reason. (Ex. We are just sitting on the couch watching television PEACEFULLY, and you start yelling at us about the kitchen). The kitchen is clean, but you find the smallest speck of dust on the counter to yell at us.  You even yell at us for not following the made-up random rules we knew nothing about.  
  5. When you tell us to do something but then yell at us because you wanted us to do something else at the same time. We are not an octopus. We don’t have eight arms.
  6. Taking our phones for no reason. This is so annoying! Most of the time, you can’t even give us a real reason. But follow-up with….”Do you pay this phone bill? That’s right, so I can take MY phone whenever I want!”  Again, it’s usually taken for one of those random rules you just made up.  

If you’re like my mom, you will say it’s your job to annoy us.  We appreciate the rules sometimes, but other times it’s just really annoying.  I still love her dearly, though.

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