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A horse grazing in the grass on a sunny day.

Hello, fellow equestrians and fans. So for this blog post, I am going to give like four examples of summer equestrian expectations vs. reality. I’ll tell you now though I wouldn’t have it any other way. Horses are the best and if this is something that interests you then you should consider getting your own one. Why don’t you check out Horses for Sale – Horseseller, there are many other websites you could use as well.

1.Catching your horse in the field.
Expectation: Just being able to walk to where your horse is with no problem.

Reality: Walking slowly to get your horse because it is really hot outside.

2.Riding your horse in the arena in the middle of the day.
Expectation: Riding your horse and jumping your horse with no problem and you are not even tired.

Reality: You are tired, and you have only been riding for 15 minutes.
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3.Untacking your horse after you ride.
Expectation: Untacking your horse without complaining.

Reality: Complaining about being tired and that you don’t feel like untacking.

4.Cooling your horse down with a hose.
Expectation: Just cool them down and get yourself a little wet too.
Reality: Well that is the best part about riding for the day you get wet and cool down too.
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