How To Banish Parent Guilt and See Yourself As A Better Mom or Dad

banish parent guilt and enjoy life
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banish parent guilt and have some fun

All parents are affected by guilt at some point. You might feel like you work too much and don’t spend enough time with your kids. Or, maybe you spend lots of time at home, but not on the floor interacting with your children every minute of the day. Parent guilt is a very real and damaging condition. One that moms and dads need to banish from their feelings.  Let’s chat about how we can banish parent guilt!

Take Some ME TIME—and Don’t Feel Bad About It!

It’s good for you to have time to yourself. This might mean having a glass of wine and watching trashy television after the youngsters have gone to bed. Or, it could mean dropping the kiddos off at grandma’s, so you and your spouse can have some romance with a cuddly, snuggly movie night, you know…Have a DATE NIGHT!  Whatever the case, you need to take care of yourself too, so don’t feel bad about needing occasional space from your kids.

Is Your Child’s Need Met? Are They Happy, Healthy, and Safe? Then You’re Doing a Wonderful Job

Are your kids happy, healthy, fed, and safe? Are their needs met? Have you spent some quality time playing with and interacting with them? Then you’re doing a wonderful job. Some parents feel the need to entertain their kids 24/7, while others are more relaxed about independent hours-long play. Both are fine. Caring for your kids and meeting their needs is what you should be concerned with. That’s what makes you a good parent.

When in Doubt, Ask Your Kids – Banish Parent Guilt

If your kids are old enough to talk and communicate what they need, ask them how you’re doing as a parent. Kids are honest and observant, so you are sure to get a truthful answer. One that will probably surprise you in how lovingly your kids view you.

Split the Responsibilities and Refocus Your Energies

No parent is an island. Yep, that’s a rephrased quote but a true one. When you need time to refocus and gain perspective on being a good parent and a better version of yourself, split the responsibilities of caring for your kids with someone you can trust (i.e., your spouse, grandma, a close friend, etc.) If you have extra money, you could hire a once-a-week cleaning services Houston to help around the house.  Sometimes parents just need a little help to stave off parent guilt.

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  1. I realize this is an older post but wanting to try to catch up on some I may not have read yet.
    This is excellent. Even though a grandma with grandkids, I still like to ask them how I’m doing from time to time. Especially with a grandson that spends his weekends with me.
    My schedule with work and business can get hairy at times so it’s nice to know I’m doing alright and keep the guilt away from me.
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Thanks for reading. I find myself falling into the guilt sometimes and then have to snap out of it. The kids are taken care of and being a parent doesn’t mean we will do things perfect. Stepping back and ensuring we are taken care of is also important.

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