School Is Back In Session – Do Something For Yourself

Do Something for yourself - self care
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Do Something for yourself - self care

School is back in session.  Mom, you NEED to treat yourself!  That’s right!  You DESERVE and NEED to treat yourself to a little pampering, coffee date or lunch date with a friend or even alone.  Yes!  Doing something alone is ok.  It’s ok to do something special for yourself sometimes!

Don’t say that you don’t have time nor money to treat yourself a little.  It’s quick to make these two EXCUSES when it comes to self-care.  Trust me, been there, done that.  Then you walk around with a chip on your shoulder because no one ever gives you time to do anything for yourself or appreciates you.  Yeah, I know.  Been there, said that too.  Girlfriend, you gotta take the time, no one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter.  Why?  Cause as women we walk around with that “S” on our chest.  It’s ok to say, “I need to take a break and focus on me!”

Look, as women, we run around the house taking of our husbands, children, pets, laundry, strange children who ask for snacks all day (who are your parents and where do you live again?), but we fail to take a moment for ourselves.

Yeah, during the summer while home with the kids it may have been a little hectic to sneak away.  BUT, the school year is here!  Get out and enjoy yourself a little.  Pick up the phone, call or text a friend to ask if they want to get a massage, grab coffee, or lunch.  Heck, ask if they just want to go cruise Target WITHOUT kids screaming, fussing and tossing random stuff into your basket.

Oh, you work.  So, you can’t take a few hours for this.  I gotcha covered too.  Take your lunch break and do NOT talk about your child(ren).  Ask a co-worker to have lunch and just talk.  Heck, talk about the weather or put forth a real effort to get to know them and go out to dinner or grab a smoothie after work before picking the kids up at daycare or after school care.

Wait, did I just say do something after work before picking up your kids or heading home?  Ohhhh…..snap!  It is allowed.  I promise.  If your child is in afterschool care and it closes at 6, they can stay until 5:59 when the afterschool care closes.  I get it. You don’t want to leave them there late every night, but now and then is ok. They will be ok.  GO DO SOMETHING SPECIAL FOR YOURSELF!  You DESERVE IT!  

If you really don’t have the opportunity to do something special for yourself during the day, plan to do something when your husband gets home, the weekend or ask a family member or friend to watch the kiddos so you can.

Ok, so now that you are ready to do something, you start to look at your wallet.  No worries.  DON’T BLOW YOUR BUDGET.  Hey, I do special things for myself on a budget too.  Ain’t no one balling over here.  Let me share a little secret with you.

I like to do something during the day that requires money about twice a month.  I do have a job, so I can’t be too FREE and random.  Yeah, I work for myself, but I have Mr. Jonz looking at me each day wondering what I’ve accomplished with my blog and FB group.  So…..I had to learn to stop playing so much and focus.  The struggle is real cause this gal is RANDOM as all get out.  Ok, see.  Just jumped topics right there.  SMH

So, I schedule a few hours each month during school hours to focus on myself and hang out with friends.  It works best for me, and it’s cheaper.  It also helps me to reset my mind for when the kids come home.  Cause good lawd!!!  Even though they are tweens and teens, they come in full throttle.  Plus, I like to leave weekends for date nights with hubby.

The goal is to get out, have a bit of fun, relax and take care of yourself.  Not break the bank.  No one is trying to go broke, but we are trying to ensure we are taking care of our mind, body, and soul.

My new found friends to achieve this are Groupon and Dosh.  You can find some great local and chain deals to pamper yourself, enjoy some yummy treats and just get out and enjoy life.

Soooo…hey!  Plan a couple of hours to get out, laugh, reconnect with friends and take care of yourself this month.  And no, Groupon, nor Dosh are paying for this article.  BUT, if you use my Groupon link (the banner above) to make a purchase, I will make a few cents.  And if you sign up and connect your card with Dosh, I will also make a few cents as I’m an affiliate for both, but I use both of them faithfully.  And I promise…..Dosh adds up without much effort.  My outings pay for themselves.

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  1. Awesome idea. I bought a pair of stretch leggings. I do not like to try clothes on before. So I hoped they fit. They fit perfectly. I went back and bought 3 more pairs. I just love them.

    1. YAY! A little something for you.

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