My Favorite Grocery App That Helps Me Save

Use Grocery Savings App To Save On Grocery Bill
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Use a grocery app to save money

A few years ago I refused to use coupons or any phone saving apps during grocery shopping;  that all changed after moving to Japan.  We shopped at the commissary, but I still needed to find ways to cut our expenses a bit.  This gal started using her grocery savings app and coupons.

When I first read about the Ibotta grocery app and how the savings are immediately deposited into my Paypal account, I had to check it out! While you are there downloading this great app, be sure to enter my referral code: UADURILR.  (Yes, I will receive a small commission, but you’re helping to support my message of reality of raising kids and sharing positive vibes with the world).

I love several other apps, but I was ecstatic about this one because there’s no wait for MY cash.  Call me silly, but I really do believe that every penny counts.

My family loves living on islands, and we know the cost of food is a bit higher than on the mainland due to the extra cost of importing.  Any grocery trip includes a quick scan to my Mobi app to see if there are any savings.

What Type Of Items Do I Save With This Grocery Savings App

You can save on fruits, soap, laundry detergent, condiments, snacks, etc.  Pretty much anything needed to run a home can be found on my favorite grocery app.  

Expensive Strawberries save with a grocery app

Is It Difficult To Submit Your Receipt

Sometimes things are too good to be true.  If you get your money deposited to your Paypal account immediately, there MUST be a long drawn out process to submit your receipt, right?  

Nope!  Not one bit.  I simply take a photo of my receipt, click on the items I purchased, click submit, and it’s all taken care of.  I literally just submitted a receipt and received a deposit confirmation within 10 minutes.

The time may vary depending on the number of receipts they have in que, but I’ve never had to wait longer than 24 hours.

I won’t sit here and say I’ve saved hundreds of dollars, but I have saved a few dollars since using it.  It’s only been a couple of months now, but the money saved is cashback in our pockets.  Well, I should say, it’s paying for Fashion Diva Girl’s love of snow cones after school.  Another joy of living on an island; it’s always sunny and snow cone weather.  I’m sure she will write a blog post about her rush to a teacher’s class to buy her daily snow cone at the end of each school day.

If you want to read about another great way I save money, check out this post.

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