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My family LOVES shopping online.  After we moved to Japan a few years ago, we kind of relied on it A LOT!  I had to find a way to save money while shopping online cause, of course, I still wanted to put a few coins back in my pocket.  So, I found a way to MAKE money while shopping online.  Yeah, I saved it more so than making it, but a paycheck equals payday to me.  🙂

You see, we have this weird thing we do with our budget.  Any funds left over at the end of the month becomes mine!  ALL MINE!  My husband tells me not to spend it on the house, him, kids nor dog.  It took awhile for me to listen, but I don’t have a problem stuffing my pockets anymore.  I will share what I do with any leftover funds in another post.

My One Sure Way I Make Money While Shopping Online

I always head over to the most visited site of all times on my computer anytime I begin my online shopping spree.  No matter what I’m shopping for, I MUST visit it.  I actually need to add it to my Chrome Bar on my new computer, that way it’s always available and will pop up just in case I forget.  And oh, it does save you time from heading over and typing in the name of the store.  

Will My Favorite Store Be On The List

When I first started using this site, I was afraid it would be a waste of time because it was FREE to sign up.  So, in my mind, I thought, “none of my favorite stores will be listed.”  Boy, was I wrong?  There are over 2,000 major retailers from all categories.  

In addition to online cashback, they’ve recently added In-Store cashback for over 25 retailers.  I’m sure this will grow and give you more in-store purchase options as well.  

Two of my all time favorite stores are listed.  I LOVE shopping at Zulily and Try Amazon Home Services for my home, kids, husband, dog and even myself.  So, I either head over to the cashback site or go straight to the store’s site, and the Chrome Extension pops up to let me know I can earn cash back.
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How Much Cash Back Have I Received While Shopping Online

I have received over $220.00 cash back using this cash back site.  I won’t lie, I’ve tinkered around with a few others and have saved there as well, but I always tend to come back good ole faithful.  If I would’ve kept all my efforts in one location, I’m sure I would have hundreds more to report.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

As I mentioned above, I’ve tried others, but always find myself back over at Ebates. Why? Mainly because it’s FREE and there are so many great retail options.

If you’re like me and love shopping online, why not buy and get yourself a BIG FAT check sent directly to you.

Since we are living the island life once again, but this time with lots of sun, sand, and beaches I once again shop online A LOT!  So, as I shop, I will share some of my savings and experiences with you.

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