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A building with the sign for the popcorn bag.

We held our first D.C. area #MaC meetup in January.  I know, you’re thinking…“What the heck is a #MaC?”  We call ourselves #MaCs, ladies from the online Facebook group Mamas and Coffee®.  We have real, everyday conversations about love, life, family and home.  We empower one another to live life to the fullest and also let one another know that we are not alone when the crazy happens.  Trust me; it will happen.

I held in person meet-ups while stationed in Hawaii, and once I announced our move to D.C., ladies from the area wanted D.C. meet-ups too.  A dear friend who is also stationed in D.C. stayed on my butt to get them started.  So, our first one was watching a documentary about an African American Medal Of Honor Recipient by the name of SGT. Carter.

Some of you may already be thinking, why would such a lively group of ladies want to get together to watch a documentary?  Well, over in our group, just like here on the blog, we talk about everything.  And we tackle the difficult and uncomfortable topics.  One being Race in America.  Since our meeting was being held in January, I wanted to do an introduction to Black History Month.  And many of us are military spouses, so we watched this episode of the Medal of Honor Documentary.

A building with the sign for the popcorn bag.

The Gourmet Popcorn Was The Highlight Of The Night

As the meetup kicked off, we enjoyed great conversation food and drinks.  But the highlight of the night was the gourmet popcorn!

Ok, let me tell you about this popcorn!  The Popcorn Bag – Woodbridge has some DELICIOUS, yummy goodness for your tummy.  My favorite is Tailgate Party!  Man!  I couldn’t get enough.  My family tried really hard to break open the bags before the #MaCs arrived.   Nope!  You gotta wait.  And yes, they had to leave!  No men and kids allowed.  Carlos stayed and was pampered all night.  I did save the family some for after the event.

A building with the sign for the popcorn bag.

I picked my popcorn up from the shop and had the pleasure of meeting the owner while there.  Not only is the gourmet popcorn delicious, but the owner is an AWESOME lady.

Anytime I go into an establishment I observe the customer service.  From the moment I rushed through the door (because I was running behind my schedule that day) to the hour later of leaving.  You see, I didn’t even think about the rest of my to-do list as we talked.  Why?  There was such a sense of comfort and calmness delivered during our conversation.  Yes, folks….I was just as random there as I am here.  We talked about popcorn, life, children and ALL things between.

That particular day I had a lot on my mind.  Nervous about the first meet-up (some plans changed that were out of my control), my hubby was having some serious headaches, people around me acting all kinds of extra.  You know, things going on.  As we chatted, she comforted and calmed the whirlwind in my mind.  She said, “if I didn’t have somewhere to be tonight, I would be at your event.”  Then said, “I will pray your husband feels better soon and make sure he gets checked out.”  Those words may seem small, but they meant so much to me and put that pep back in my step.

A building with the sign for the popcorn bag.

You see, we had one conversation via the phone before this day.  She asked me what Mamas and Coffee® was all about.  I rambled, told her how nervous I was and how much I hate writing.  But whatever it was, she saw something in my mission and believed. Sometimes we begin to doubt our mission and purpose in life.  Remember though, someone sees you and believes!   

I know those last paragraphs have nothing to do with popcorn, but it has so much to do with the character of people.  The character of the owner of this great, yummy gourmet popcorn establishment in Metro D.C.  To me folks, this is what matters and makes an individual and business succeed.

Got me over here showing my feelings and stuff…..


Let Me Get Back On Track About This Gourmet Popcorn In Woodbridge, Va

Another great thing is The Popcorn Bag – Woodbridge offers discounts.  Yes!  You read that right!  Teachers on Wednesday’s, and First Responders on Thursday’s.  Be sure to pull out your military ID for your discount too.  

So, if you’re in the metro D.C. area, Woodbridge to be exact, drop by The Popcorn Bag- Woodbridge.  Let them know that MomJonz from Mamas and Coffee® sent you.

Be sure to follow their social media (links in the article) to know when and where they do pop up sites throughout the D.C. area!  Go get yourself some popcorn!

Thank you The Popcorn Bag-Woodbridge for the yummy goodness!

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