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We have excuses for everything. We make excuses why we didn’t cook dinner, clean the toilets, return a phone call and we even make excuses why we can’t take a few minutes to read the scripture.  No, don’t click away.  I’m not pointing fingers, I’m right there with you!

I know this gal needs to read the Bible more, but I find every excuse.  You already know my morning routine, and it should be very simple for me to add: Read Scripture.  Like, really?  How long does it take to read a verse or two each day?  I find time to do everything else.  There’s absolutely no excuse!

Check Out The Awakening To God App

I had the pleasure of checking out the ATG Today App.  What I love most about this app is I’m able to set a friendly reminder to read my scripture.  Yes, this means I have no excuse for not taking time out each day.  I can set a reminder for each day of the week to ensure I don’t miss or make excuses to spend time with God.

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Journal and Photograph Your Growth

This app also allows you to journal about your walk and about the message you received from the daily scripture.  I love being able to have everything right at my fingertips and tracking my progress all in one spot.  Another great feature is you are able to add photos to your journal.  Maybe you are out and about for the day, and you see something to reflect on your daily scripture. This feature is a great way to document it, this has been my second favorite feature of this app.

Who Are The Creators Behind Awakening To God

Gerard and Jeannie Long share a heartbreaking story.  As I watched and listened to their story I was touched.  Their faith and love in God shine through their message.  I love learning people’s WHY and you can hear theirs in the video above.

Awakening To God

There are so many things that we miss as we go through our day.  We are caught up in the hustle and bustle of life instead of slowing down and realizing how truly blessed we are.  We take so much for granted without realizing it.  I ask that you take this journey with me and give this app a try.  Take time each day to read a scripture and journal your growth.

***This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are mine and honest views of this app.  If you are looking for growth in your walk with God and need a little reminder to get in the Word each day, I recommend this app.*** 

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sybil. Watched the video and see the heart of this couple for this app to keep us connected c to God daily. I’ll definitely share and use the app. Timely for me in wondering how to find time and most meaningful way to connect on His Word with Him.

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