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A teacher is giving a class to students.
If you’re like me, you realize this summer is going by pretty quickly.  We still have a bit of time before all of our summer fun ends, but we are also in need of back to school preparation.
Preparing for back to school can become overwhelming for both parents and children.  The best thing I’ve done in past years to help ease this is to begin early.  This includes purchasing school supplies early to avoid the mad rush, as well as planning out my calendar for my children’s extra-curricular activities and the school’s early dismissal and vacation days (this comes in handy for child care or if your family likes to get out to explore).

 Let’s just tackle one thing at a time for this post.  How to ease the stress for back to school supply shopping.

Hit The Web

Go online to see if your child’s school has a generic supply list by grade.  I also came across this site.  Just type in your zip code, select your school, your child’s grade and it will pull up your school.  Yes, each teacher may have a specific request, but there’s usually a blanket list of supplies required by all teachers. Pencils, notebooks, packs of paper, crayons (depending on the grade).

Check Your Local Stores

Wal-Mart or Shop Back to School at Target.com!  Both of these stores usually have the lists from surrounding schools near the school supplies. School supplies are already out in many areas.  (GET THOSE KIDS READY and take your peace back!  It’s ok to look forward to the 1st day of school moms.)

Dig Up Your Last Email From The Previous Year

Yes, I know all about that last newsletter at the end of the year.  You’re just happy you had three days left to go and didn’t even bother opening the attachments.  There may be a school list in there somewhere.

Call and Run By The School To Pick Up A List

There’s no harm in making that phone call to see if they have the lists available at the office.  If so, let them know you will swing by to pick up a copy.

Shop Online

We are a family that LOVES shopping online for mostly EVERYTHING!  I’ve found some school supply packages on Amazon.  No need to even leave your house.  SCORE!

Check Your Old Stock

Did you buy too much last year?  Maybe your child came home with a decent binder from last year?  Hey, maybe there’s even notebook paper left in that binder.  Use these things.
My children came home with lots of pencils gifted to them by teachers at the end of the year. You’re right!  Those pencils will be in their backpack for this new year.  It’s the same with backpacks.  My youngest needed a new backpack toward the end of the year. She will not get a new one for back to school, and this will help us cut back a bit on our back to school budget or put that money toward clothing. Regardless, check that old stock.
 Ease The Back-to-school supply shopping

Budget For School Supplies

Last but not least, your budget.   You can spread your school shopping across the summer to ensure you’re not hitting your pocket all at once.  We have three children.  Between school supplies, clothes, school fees for different needs, etc. things add up pretty fast.  Plan ahead and attack things for back to school in advance and slowly.  Don’t stress and DO include your child(ren) in selecting their back to school supplies.  It’s fun for them to pick out their supplies and have somewhat of a say so.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Click to begin saving online – Affiliate

Along with budgeting comes saving.  I love finding deals but must admit I don’t have the patience of comparing prices at multiple stores. Remember I said we love shopping online.  Well, my best friend in the whole wide world is a website that helps me save on purchases with minimal effort on my part.

Don’t Stress With Back-to-school Shopping

When you start your shopping early, you will not only help ease your stress, but you will also alleviate the stress for your child(ren).  I know when I’m out shopping for school supplies at the last minute my stress level skyrockets.  I’m snippy with the kids, and I’m fussing because I can’t find everything requested.  Since I can’t find everything requested, my child is stressed about the teacher’s reaction on the first day.
Don’t rush, don’t stress.  Go ahead and start your back-to-school shopping early.  Beat the RUSH!
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