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What are you doing for YOU this summer?  School is almost out for the summer, and as parents, we plan camps and fun for our kiddos, but forget about ourselves.  Don’t overbook yourself with too many kid activities that you forget about yourself.  Trust me; you will kick yourself and be beyond annoyed with those kids.  Let’s talk about summer fun for moms, oh yeah!

During the summer many parents register kids for camps, plan some summer learning, vacation, etc.  All of those things are great and important.  However, remember that YOU need a little bit of fun and rest too.

Sure you should include the kids in adventures, projects and have fun with them.  But, we all know being home with them every day for two months straight will drive us insane.  The bickering, the eating everything in sight (really, child?!  You do NOT eat this much during the school year)!  The random kids that show up ringing your doorbell before 10:00 a.m. (who are you and who is your mama?!)


If you send your kid to a day camp, this is a great time for you to head home to relax, grab a massage, have lunch with a friend or stroll through the park.  Many times we think that fun and self-care, aka “Me Time” must cost an arm and a leg.  Nope!  It can be FREE!  FREE or darn near FREE is always the best!

In case you do spend money, plan now.  Plan out a few things for yourself during this summer break, put it in your budget!

  • Coffee or lunch dates are the best. I’ve personally fallen in love with Dosh for restaurant savings and other shopping needs.  Have lunch alone, make it a date with the love of your life or with that best friend of yours. Laugh and let your hair down
  • Spa Day! Groupon is another great app when it comes to finding great deals around town (check out the banner link above)
  • Take a stroll around the neighborhood or visit a nearby park.  Since living in Hawaii, I’ve ventured on a few hikes with friends
  • A ladies getaway!  That can be a lot of fun too and doesn’t have to cost you a lot.  I just recently went on a short getaway with some ladies.  We had a blast and found a great deal.  My first experience with Airbnb.  (if you are new to Airbnb and use this link provided you can earn $40 in travel credit with reservations of $75 or more)
  • Invite some friends over to just sit back and relax.  Conversation with others is always fun.  Sitting back on the couch laughing for hours is the BEST!

As you plan your summer fun for moms, do me a favor.  Don’t let others guilt you for taking some time for you.  Actually, if you have a friend or family member that will tell you how horrible you are because you’re going to treat yourself for a few hours, DON’T tell them a thang!

Remeber, you need and deserve “ME TIME”!  You need and deserve to have FUN!  And if you don’t have anyone to have fun with, let’s work on that this summer too.  I’m sure there’s another lady in your neighborhood wanting and needing a friend.  Or you may join us virtually for some fun.

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