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Enter the giveaway for an online boutique
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Enter the giveaway for an online boutique

Summer is full of celebrations and people getting older and wiser in this house.   When people say time flies when you’re having fun, it does. As we get ready to celebrate birthdays, it made me think back to all of the baby store shopping excursions.  Mainly, me not knowing what the heck I was looking for, but the best memories are thinking about all the fun shopping for cute little outfits.

I love wearing and owning things that I don’t have to worry much about my friends having the same item.  Like, one of my biggest fears is going out with a group and have a friend wear the exact outfit.  Well, I had the same fear when my babies were born, yes I was THAT crazy mom.

One of my good friends had her daughter around the same time.  This chick wanted to burn me with the curling iron during our first encounter cause I said, “You Must have some jacked up toes.”  Yeah, we were at the beauty salon, and I was ALL up in their conversation. She kept talking about going to get her feet done. I wanted to know why she was going to get your toes done so much.  Goodness.  Lol  But, we met again waiting at the base pharmacy for our prenatal vitamins. Ok, that was random….anywho….  Procrastination Jonz was born, and we spent every day together while the men were out to sea.  Every day my mind was like….PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP WITH YOUR CHILD IN THE SAME OUTFIT AS MY DAUGHTER!  Yes, I would’ve changed her with a quickness.

Baby Store Shopping 

Shopping for kids is fun, and my memories of going to a baby store to shop bring back lots of funny moments.  My children were little turds as babies.  OMG.  Procrastination Jonz was the worse by all means.  This girl would blow out her diaper everytime we left the house.  Literally, right as we were walking out the door.  No, you don’t understand. No gas, no poop, nothing for hours.  But as soon as I buckled her little butt into that car seat she would blow it out of this world.

She would be dressed in the cutest little outfit and ready to go.  My friend would have her baby and everyone ready to walk out the door, and as soon as my hand touched the doorknob…orange seedy poop all up her back!  REALLY?  GIRL, you gotta stop this!

And don’t let me be shopping for myself.  OMG, my child would really blow it out the water.  I loved shopping at all the major department stores, but there was always something special about the little boutiques that kept me going back.

Finding Cute Outfits That No One Else Had At A Baby Store

So, if you look back at other blog posts, you see that I love shopping at major retail stores for my kids.  These are perfect for my basic items like jeans, sweaters, headbands, a cute sundress, etc.  However, if I’m looking for something for them to wear that needs to make a real statement I always seek out the small shops. You know that I NEED TO BE CUTE and NOONE ELSE ROCKING WHAT I AM moment(that one of a kind item).  My go to is little boutiques.

Of course, we’ve become major online shoppers these days (I am one for sure) and heading out to shop anywhere has become a chore for most BUT, I found this lovely baby store/kid store/adult store/home online boutique.  BOOM!!!!!

My New Found “Noone Else Rocking My Outfit” Online Boutique

I’m a firm believer in sharing my story and experiences in life here at Mamas and Coffee.  And let me tell you, I found the cutest little dress for my birthday.  I placed the order about one week before my birthday, and the dress arrived a couple of days later.  It was right on time and oh so cute! You already know!  I was too HOT to TROT!  Many people stopped and complimented me on this dress, and you already know I was feeling myself. WHHAAATTTT???!!!!

Before I ordered something for myself, I did take a look around for the kiddos and the house.  So many super cute things, but I did take the opportunity to shop for me, it was nearing my birthday, right?  Had to take care of mama!

MomJonz rocking her new dress from online baby store and mom store

Do you like the dress in the photo?  I would love to offer you the opportunity to try out something nice there too.

And guess what?  I’m going to do just that.

It’s A Giveaway

Do you want to check out the great items at my new found store?  Well, this is what you MUST do to enter this great giveaway and have a chance to win

  1. Leave me a comment – tell me what brands/items you like to shop for
  2. Like one of the store’s social media accounts – Facebook or Twitter 

Yep, pretty simple.  And what are you entering to win?  That’s always important to know, right?  A $50 gift certificate.  The winner will be selected, and a redemption code will be emailed to you.  So, make sure your email address is valid.

I will select the winner on August 28th and contact the winner with the $50 gift certificate code once finalized.  Good luck! 

Was I paid for this post?  Yes.  I partnered with Nakturnal to bring you this incredible experience and opportunity.  All opinions are mine, and the story is true.  I love sharing my stories about my life.  

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  2. I love shopping for dresses and cute tops for me!!!

  3. I love ruffles on the butt outfits ! Or outfits with sayings on them.

  4. Loft for their tops and bottoms

  5. Love to find cute, unique tops. Great giveaway, S!

  6. Because I am tall and curving some the only brands that really work for me that I like are Old Navy New York and Company, Torrid, Walmart has good jenes to fit my legs. I love to shop for good jeans or dresses.

  7. Outfits that match (but not exact) for girls, Unique pajamas for kids, Comfortable but cute clothes for women- versatile to wear for school pick up, lunches or casual work.

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