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Get Your Kid To Practice Writing Skills Over Winter Break

Winter break is here, and kids are home watching T.V., relaxing and having fun with family and friends.  I’m not going to take this fun and relaxing time away from them, but Winter Break Is A Great Time To Practice Those Writing Skills for the little ones.

2 Fun Ways To Practice Writing Skills Over Winter Break

Dear Santa – Have your little one write Santa a letter.  It’s o.k. if they don’t spell everything correctly.  The goal is to keep them writing and have fun with it.

Thank You Cards - We have gotten away from showing gratitude.  Send grandma that special little thank you card.  The cool part is your little one can make their very own cards.  Just don’t send one to grandma, but to everyone that gave a gift.  

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See, I told you I wouldn’t take the kids away from having fun and relaxing.  Along with these 2 Fun ways to practice writing skills over winter break you can give them some Christmas writing prompts.

How Long Should My Child Write Over Winter Break

Winter break is about two weeks long, and you will be spending time traveling and visiting with family, so we don’t want to take too long.  I recommend taking about 10 minutes each day to do thank you cards or write a story. This means you may need to spread out writing these notes over a couple of days.  And guess what?  The note doesn’t have to be extravagant, just something simple and from the heart.  

Santa’s letter should already be in progress, but if not you can work on it here and there throughout the day.  But hurry and get it done, so it’s ready for Santa.  Oh, don’t forget the milk and cookies.

So, to wrap this up… mom and dad don’t stress too much, but keeping your little one practicing those writing skills a few times during the break will keep them ready for the second half of the school year!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from MomJonz!

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