1. Great post! The Fourth of July weekend is almost here and I’ll be firing up the grill at least once. Thanks for suggestions to make things successful.

  2. Kemi

    Wow, these are some great ideas! I wonder what grilled pineapple will taste like….I’m trying it! I’m having friends and their kids over soon, so I’ll be using these tips. Thanks!

  3. I love these ideas and have been fortunate to host some great bbqs using many of these points.

    I especially like thinking about other people’s diets. Portabella mushroom burgers are great for vegetarians and have known some meat eaters to like them too.

  4. I read this at the perfect time! I’m planning to host a summer barbecue this weekend! Definitely going to try the whole infused water thing. Awesome tips! Thanks!

  5. These are great tips! I especially like the one about trying to have food for everyone. Most of our family eats meat, but we do have a couple of pescatarians and vegetarians.

  6. Great ideas. Thanks Sybil and thanks to your contributor.
    I hadn’t thought of watering the lawn a few hours before a get together. Flavored water is always a great hit too. And ending the evening with sparklers would be so fun.

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