1. Kemi

    Wow, these are some great ideas! I wonder what grilled pineapple will taste like….I’m trying it! I’m having friends and their kids over soon, so I’ll be using these tips. Thanks!

  2. I love these ideas and have been fortunate to host some great bbqs using many of these points.

    I especially like thinking about other people’s diets. Portabella mushroom burgers are great for vegetarians and have known some meat eaters to like them too.

  3. I read this at the perfect time! I’m planning to host a summer barbecue this weekend! Definitely going to try the whole infused water thing. Awesome tips! Thanks!

  4. These are great tips! I especially like the one about trying to have food for everyone. Most of our family eats meat, but we do have a couple of pescatarians and vegetarians.

  5. Great ideas. Thanks Sybil and thanks to your contributor.
    I hadn’t thought of watering the lawn a few hours before a get together. Flavored water is always a great hit too. And ending the evening with sparklers would be so fun.

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