What It’s Like Being The Oldest Sister During The Teen Years

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It’s exhausting being the smartest, prettiest, and overall best sister. That’s really all I have to say. I am the oldest of three while being the best. I can only imagine how my sisters feel trying to reach my level. I actually feel kind of bad for them. 

LOL imagine.

I’m just joking. My sisters are great, doing great things, and I love them. In my MomJonz voice, “I will throat punch you if you mess with one of them.”

What Is It Like Being The Oldest Sister

But seriously, being the oldest does have some upsides. I have countless more freedoms than my sisters. Especially since I’ve gotten my license over the summer. I can go pretty much anywhere I want, as long as I don’t get on the interstate, and my parents know where I’m going and with whom. Which I think is reasonable. I don’t like getting on the interstate if I don’t have to anyway. 

My sisters on the other hand? They’re down bad. They have to ask to go to whatever place they want to go because they can’t take themselves. Even if it’s just across the street. I actually had to take my sister across the street to her friend’s house because they didn’t want her walking alone. Ok, I drove her, and it is a busy intersection, so I understand why my parents had me take her.  Both of my parents were busy doing something else and my sister made these plans days in advance. Yes. They forgot. 

But for me? I walk and skate by myself up and down the neighborhood. Just me and my little string bag

However, being the oldest means that I’m treated like a third parent.

“Jasmine, help your sister.”

 Jasmine, can you go get your sister ___?”

“Jasmine, can you take your sister to ___?” 

Like…no?! Having a driver’s license as the oldest sister comes with pros and cons. 

The Oldest Sister Just Knows

That is not in the sister job description to help take care of my younger siblings. They are only two and four years younger than me, but somehow neither of them know how to feed themselves properly.

Did my parents just forget to make them learn how to cook?

It’s cute when they try, but one of my sisters pretends like she’s never heard of spices and seasoning, and the other doesn’t get how to control the temperature on the stove quite right. My mom is always telling her, “girl! check that flame!”

I think it’s just built into being the oldest sister that you come out of the womb forced to know how to cook, clean, and take care of yourself. Every other oldest sister I know literally has all three skills locked down. 

I accept it though, because I love my sisters even when we’re annoying and arguing with each other, and being the oldest is so much fun. Because at least I’m not a middle! 🙂 

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