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My mom asked me to share a post with some gift ideas this Christmas for teen girls. Going to keep it quick and simple for you.

Parents, don’t make this difficult. When you ask, we tell you. And sure, we may throw out a long list of things. We’re giving you options. You don’t have to get everything we say. 

So here we go.


Skincare products

The Ordinary 

  • I personally use Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% which is one of their Vitamin C serums. I used to have very uneven skin tone because of the sun. This serum has evened and smoothed my skin tone. 
  • Most of the products on The Ordinary site are under 15 dollars.
  • There is also a break down of different regimens to follow based on how your skin is! 
  • They also provide a breakdown of each product and what they do.

Quality drugstore products 

Gift cards!!!

This year get your kid a gift card for anything they like.

  • Xbox/Playstation
  • Netflix
  • Their favorite restaurant
  • Favorite clothes store
  • Starbucks
  • or just a regular Visa gift card for them to get whatever they want. 

Craft things

If they’re the crafty type or love fashion or thrifting, these items are great. 


Figure out what their favorite clothing stores are and shop around! My mom swears by Rakuten. They offer in-person and online cashback. Ok, I won’t lie. I use it too and LOVE IT!

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