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As we finish up our time in Hawaii, we are trying to hit up some spots we planned to visit with our family and friends who planned to visit us. But considering we received early orders and wanted to spread tourist things out for visitors, we are trying to cram a few things in.  DadJonz controlled the day Sunday since it was Father’s Day.  His request was to go for dessert at Volcano Shakes.

After church, we headed to the Organic Store for hubby to grab vitamins.  He came back to the car with not only vitamins, but bread, cheese, soup, and cider.  He wanted Procrastination Jonz to make grilled cheese and homemade soup for lunch.  Since we are living in a hotel until we fly off the island, he had to settle for store-bought.  All the extras are why I try to avoid him going to any store.

We all chatted and enjoyed our lunch and then off to Volcano Shakes.  Ok, so if you’ve never been to Honolulu let me tell you that parking can be painful.  Just plan to pay for garage parking and be done with it.  $10/hr parking and off we went.

Volcano Shakes has some pretty shakes indeed, but I have to say the $17 per shake was a bit much.  Yes, the shakes were good, but nothing special about them.  We ordered the Strawberry Shortcake and St. Helens shakes.  This dessert outing cost us $44 in total.  Would I do it again?  No.  Do I recommend tourists or newcomers to the island to go?  Yes. BUT….order one and split it.  We are a family of 5, and we only needed 2.

If our orders were not changed to leave early, I wouldn’t go back.  It was a one time experience for us.  The kids weren’t even that impressed by it.  Don’t get me wrong, it was good.  Just not a repeat of $17 good for me.  I can make my own volcano shake right in my kitchen with my Vitamix.

So, here we go, ending our time in Hawaii, but will be sure to bring you new adventures at our next stop.

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