1. Interesting. I had no idea what PSCing was and that this was something that military families face. It’s cool that you offer a space especially for them.

  2. PCSing can be tough, but I prefer to move in the off season. Everyone and they mama moves during the summer and since I homeschool moving out of cycle works out for us. Planes aren’t crowded and with two preschoolers, that’s a blessing. LOL Best of luck at your new duty station! 🙂

  3. I’m not in the military, but I am an expat in Europe. I refer to summer as exodus season, because so many people move over the summer. School is usually the main reason why they choose this time.

    • Summer moves help with the school transition for sure. And it gives me a moment to exhale and adjust to our new location. But as a military family, we roll with it.

  4. Leslie Heigh

    Well yoi taught me what PCSing was. Safe travels and may you arrive to your next destination safely. I have moved twice. Once from my hometown of Baltimore ,MD to Miami at the age of 23 with my then boyfriend,now husband. It was 1996..we just packed up oir cars, pit it on the auto train amd started oir adventure of life together. We then moved to NC , just 3 yrs ago. Definitely different as this time we were moving with a 3 1/2 yr old with us. We still had a light hearted attitude of us going off to a new adventure. I would imagine if we were to move again it would be stressful as our kid is in elementary school and getting used to her routine. But I tell her home is wherever we are. As long as we are together, we could live anywhere.

    • Thank you Leslie. You are so right, home is where ever we are too. You will see a lot of military families with signs reading…Home is where the heart is.

  5. Kita

    Thanks for sharing this info. I admire you military families. The service and the daily sacrifices you all make for us is appreciated. I can barely stand moving ever again and you all do it so often.

  6. Thank you for this. I had no idea what this was or meant. I have always wondered how military families moved around when required and its effect on kids.

    • Each family is different for sure. Now that our kids are getting older we try to consider the school year for them. It works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go. But the girls are pretty use to it.

  7. Valerie Robinson

    It all makes sense! My military neighbors just moved and I’m pretty sad about it.

  8. Kiwi

    I will be honest it seems like moving and being apart of a military family can be stressful. I know its part of the lifestyle but I think it is good to move in the summer because it gives a fresh start to a new school season.

  9. What does PCS stand for? My aunt was married to someone in the military and they were stationed in Germany but I dont remember them moving that frequently. I love to travel, not sure I would enjoy the moves so much as a child. How do your children cope with the constant moving?

    • PCS – permanent change of station. The kids enjoy it. We sort of look at it as an adventure and an opportunity to see the world and meet new people.

  10. I must admit during our military life I definitely preferred the summer for PCS moves. It was less hassle and we were able to turn it into a summer vacation adventure.

  11. Summer it’s just overall better, like you said, school’s over for the semester, better weather, more time in your hands, just better hands down.

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