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A truck with boxes on it's back and blue tarp covering the sides.

PCS season is here!  If you live anywhere near a military base, you see trucks with crates moving about almost daily.  Summer is a busy PCS time for military families all around the world.  Why do military families love PCSing during the summer?

School is out!  It’s easier to transfer children during the summer months than smack dab in the middle of the school year or even worse, other times of the school year.  We’ve done two mid-year moves.  When we left Japan to Maryland, we moved right before Christmas, and when we moved from Maryland to Hawaii, we moved the day after Christmas.  Both turned out well for our girls, but it was hectic, and we were a bit nervous for them.

We arrived in Maryland jetlagged and culture shocked.  I mean, coming back to America and realizing the lack of customer service met us immediately at the airport.  I remember turning to my husband asking if we could go back to Japan.

We arrived at our hotel, got the kids and dogs settled and everyone went fast to sleep.  The next day we picked up our keys to our home and headed off to register the kids for school.  That’s right!  They started school two days after we arrived.  I had them start their new school on a Friday, one week before Christmas break.  This was my evaluation of their transition.

Two years later, we had to move to Hawaii with a departure of December 26.  The kids started school the 2nd and 3rd days back from winter break.  They were unable to start the first day back due to the school completing student information for them.

As their mother, I was nervous for them.  Our kids are tweens and teens. They aren’t little ones.  Kids have their clicks at this age, and I didn’t know where mine would fit in.  There was that fear for sure.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  That fear doesn’t go away with PCSing during the summer either.  However, a summer move does give the kids an opportunity to meet other kids their age in the neighborhood, events or at church.  It also gives you time as the parent to peep out other parents in your new neighborhood.  Yo, it’s ok for you do not become friends with your kids’ friend’s parents.  Trust me, as your child gets older and make their own friends, you may not mesh with their mom, or you may become great friends with the mom, but your kids do not get along.  It’s all good, I promise.

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We are PCSing during the summer and so happy to be back on a summer PCS rotation; not necessarily thrilled about leaving Hawaii(the kids are though). It will allow the girls an opportunity to decorate their rooms the way they want vs. me trying to hurry and have their space functional for them (yeah, it was never completed).

They will also have the opportunity to have some significant downtime vs. moving and immediately starting a new school with emotions running high.  Those emotions are more than just knowing they are going to a new school.  These are emotions from a home being packed up, moving to a new location, still trying to find that one special notebook or pencil that was packed, wanting to chat with old friends, wanting to make a new friend, wondering if anyone will say hi, adjusting to time zones, adjusting to language barriers, etc.

Another reason we love PCSing during the summer is not missing holidays.  During both of our Christmas moves, our things were already packed and en route to our next duty station.  We make it work, but we also want our home to be festive.

PCSing during the summer also allows for visiting family.  Yes, we make a vacation out of our moves.

So, as you see the trucks moving to and fro along the highway or in your neighborhood, know that a family totally flipped their wig trying to get things ready for the movers.  Maybe some tears because a little one had to leave a friend.  A mom (husband if the wife is active duty) cried tears of joys and sadness after leaving some crazies and saying see you later to friends.  A dad (woman if she active duty) trying to tune everyone out because everything that went wrong with the move is or will be his fault.  Yes, I blame DadJonz for ALL the mishaps, no matter what they are.

If you are military yourself, you already know these feelings, so be sure to remember as you get new neighbors….. Regardless if you’re active duty or not, if you see that truck with many crates pull up and out of state license plates, go out and introduce yourself and say hi.  Don’t linger unless you’re going to help.  Yo, we don’t have time to chat all day when those crates arrive.  But do offer a smile, we don’t bite.  And we do want to make friends.  Give us a few days to crack open those boxes and get our homes in order.  Then invite us over for a cold refreshing drink.

How many moves have you made?  Are you military?  Do share. We want to know.  And share a tip or two for sanity sake.  Stay tuned and follow me on my social media platforms for more stories about our move.

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