Tips to Make Learning at Home More Fun

Making learning more fun at home - math homework
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Making learning more fun at home - math homework

Whether you are looking to support your child throughout the school year or want to make sure they don’t fall below grade level this summer, you’re probably going to get some pushback. School can be overwhelming for kids, and when they come home, they just want to play. The problem is that often times kids need more than school to help them stay on grade level. 

Create Games – Make Learning At Home More Fun

If you want to experience genuine excitement, enter the classroom when a teacher says the students are going to play Jeopardy. Learning and fun do not need to be mutually exclusive. You can find worksheets online that will help with writing, reading, and math problem, such as the area of a circle. You don’t have to use these sheets exactly as they are given. Consider using the questions to create a game. You can even create a board game with your child to get him or her more motivated. If your child is still not into learning, considering getting with some other parents in your neighborhood and create a study group. Games are much more fun when multiple people are involved. This is also a great way to help your child make friends and give you a small break since the other moms will share the responsibility. 

Make it Hands-on

If you have a kinesthetic learner, you’ve probably heard of using manipulatives in the learning process. Instead of giving your child the typical workbook, consider ways to make learning more interactive. You can visit your local teacher store or look online to find different tools to help your child. There is a myriad of science experiments that you can do in your own kitchen. Just make sure you have the appropriate safety equipment before you begin. If you are looking to make reading more hands-on, let your child choose a book and create a diorama for a book report. Another way to help your child become a more independent learner is giving him a menu of learning activities to choose from. This can also help hold him more accountable for his learning. 

Make learning more fun at home

Incorporate Art

If you want to see your child light up, mention color by numbers. Incorporating art into learning can help keep your child interested and make school work more fun. You can also have your child read a passage, and ask him to draw what he read. Incorporate writing by having your little one caption each picture. He can also create a movie poster or brochure to educate others about a book that he read. Art extends beyond just painting. Try having your kid create a song and dance to help him remember challenging concepts. This helps keep him active during the learning process instead of just sitting at a desk all day.  

Even if your child is on grade level, it is always a good idea to help supplement his or her learning throughout the year and the summer. Getting involved in your child’s education is always important. Use these methods to make learning more fun and keep your child interested in school. 

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  1. Some excellent ideas, Sybil. Thanks for sharing. I know my grandson being a teen likes when we create board games for learning things and drawing what about what we are reading.

  2. Thanks for the tips! I ordered one of the workbooks you suggested for our Kindergartener heading into 1st. We will be doing a couple pages a day over Summer to keep his mind working ?

    1. I hope you love them as much as we have over the years.

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