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A school bus driving down the road under cloudy skies.

Do you have children who cannot find their shoes, jacket, need something signed, etc. every morning?  Well, you are NOT alone.  Some days are better than others, but when those mornings hit in my house, I dish out blank stares.  There’s no yelling, no fussing.  Just blank stares.  One of my biggest pet peeves is the signing of forms.  No!  I will NOT sign anything the morning of.  My goal is to teach kids responsibility and respect up in this house!

When our kids started school, we (ok, I) set the rule of putting all paperwork on the kitchen table so I can look through permission slip forms, graded work, notes, many sheets of “why are we killing trees for this,” etc.  Of course, there was a learning process, and there was even a time we sat and pulled out folders together.  As they got older, it became their responsibility.

When they would forget to put the folder on the table, they would bring it to our bedroom at bedtime.

I swear, they started waiting to do this on purpose cause they all knew we just wanted them to go to bed.  But, this started to cause issues cause they would wait until the last minute and it required more than just a simple signature.  The school needed a blood sample, plucked hair for DNA samples, etc.  DadJonz is much nicer than I am, so he would fill it out and hand over his last bit of money in his wallet for payment of whatever was needed.

The kids are older now.  They still run around looking for things or need a form signed.  And what do I give them?  A BLANK STARE!


I refuse to be stressed out first thing in the morning because you can’t get your life together!

A letter from a child to their mother.

Why Should We Teach Kids Responsibility and Respect

If our kids are not taught to take responsibility for things that matter or important to them, they will continue to rely on others and blame others when they fail.  Failure isn’t a bad thing.  It’s only bad when one doesn’t take responsibility for self.  Naw, I’m not saying that by coming to me in the morning asking for signatures, etc. makes my children bad or setting themselves up for failures in life.  BUT what I am saying is that by not teaching them responsibility and accountability I’m raising children who will expect others to cater to them.  Cough, cough……entitled children.

In addition to teaching responsibility, we are teaching respect.  Just because you wait until the last minute to complete something doesn’t mean everyone else’s life stops to accommodate that need.  This is something I notice more and more these days.  As adults we do it, and we teach our children this behavior.  Not cool.  Not cool at all.  Respect other people’s time.

My time is valuable.  And when someone repeatedly dismisses other’s time it becomes a learned behavior.  I feel that when we teach kids responsibility, they become more aware of their surroundings, time management and other’s time.

Will kids make mistakes?  Will they forget to have forms signed or where they placed something?  Yes.  They are human.  BUT when we as parents do not teach kids responsibility and respect, they will never learn and continue to go through life as though someone owes them something or that others should always accommodate them.

Sure, their feelings may be hurt for a few moments, but your sanity is saved.  Plus, you will have the pleasure of knowing that you are teaching your child(ren) an important life skill.

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