Tips to Make Learning at Home More Fun

Making learning more fun at home - math homework

Whether you are looking to support your child throughout the school year or want to make sure they don’t fall below grade level this summer, you’re probably going to get some pushback. School can be overwhelming for kids, and when they come home, they just want to play. The problem is that often times kids need more than school to …

A Fun Sight Word Game To Build Reading Skills

  School is in full swing.  The little ones are reading each night before bed, maybe you’re working on sight words, or maybe you’re still reading to them each night.  Either way, learning to read should be fun! If you are looking for a bit of advice on ways to help with reading skills I have one for you.  You …

Avoid Summer Learning Loss With These Few Tips

Avoid summer learning loss with these simple tips

Summer break has begun or quickly approaching for many students. Don’t allow your child to encounter the dreaded summer slide educators talk about at the beginning of each year.  Let’s avoid the summer learning loss for your child! Parents often ask for suggestions to help their children during the summer.  So, here’s a few simple things I recommend: