Welcome December and Welcome ME Time

self-care during Christmas
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Let’s welcome December.  November flew by and this year is going by even faster.  As we enter the hustle and bustle season, I hope each of you takes some time for yourself.  Nope, don’t even start with the excuses.  The goal for 2019 (the goal is now for 2020) is to change the mindset that you must always be last.  Girlfriend, NO!  It’s ok to put yourself first sometimes.

Don’t wait until 2019 2022 to make this change, do it RIGHT NOW.  Do it on December 1!

I’ve talked about how people get CRAZY BUSY.  Trust me, folks, it’s not a good look.  Not a good one at all.  And it’s not good for you.  Have you ever thought about sitting down to prop your feet up in the middle of the day?  Take the lead of Carlos in the picture above.  Dude will stretch out and chill in a minute.  As a matter of fact, we used to take daily naps from 1 to 2:20: drool and all.  That hour and 20 mins was my ME TIME.  A little bit of lunch and T.V. time.  Ok, the T.V. watched me.  The best part about this was my dogs were trained, and so were my friends.  They knew not to bother me unless it was a real emergency.

Some of you are thinking that you have kids to take care of during the day or 100 errands to run each day.  This may be true, but you can still find time to take care of yourself.

Give yourself the gift of ME Time this Christmas.

While you are out shopping for others, stop by your favorite spot and treat yourself to lunch or dinner.  Take that bath with your favorite bath bombs.  Find yourself a show and binge-watch.  As long as it’s for you, do it!  There are many ways to practice self-care during Christmas, here are a few more ideas.

Start December with remembering that ME TIME is needed and deserved!  Self-care is a MUST year-round.  Go ahead and gift it to yourself now as a Christmas gift.

Happy December, let’s rock this month and end the year on a positive note! Be sure to subscribe to my Youtube Channel as I share more about The Importance of Me Time!

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  1. I definitely relish the times I can nap like Carlos and drool too lol
    I so appreciate your reminder to always take good care of me.
    Each day after work I normally take a nap or at least sit and watch television a bit. And yes the television watches me too at times lol Binge watching is perfectly up my alley!
    now that my tub drain is unclogged I can use one of bath bombs I made!
    I am so glad you’ve really helped me realize how important self care is!

    1. Taking time to relax is so important. We forget this and tend to beat ourselves up when we do take some Me Time. So glad you are taking time for yourself and drooling. lol

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