Games For Mystery Lovers

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Games for murder mystery lovers

Everyone loves a good mystery. Whether it’s reading a whodunit like an Agatha Christie novel, watching a murder mystery movie or watching a cold case story on television, mystery is a part of culture. So, when it comes to games and entertainment, why not bring in a bit of mystery? Whether you want to go out and have a mysterious adventure, or stay home and bring the mystery to you, here are four great ways to get involved in the fun.

Most Immersive Experience

Probably the most immersive way to experience this is through a real-life murder mystery. In such an experience, you get to play as the detective who solves clues in a murder. While you eat dinner and enjoy a drink, actors will perform the mystery for you. You get to observe everything that happens, then using your deductive reasoning, posit who the culprit is. The detective who does the best job at ferreting out the bad guy wins a prize. If this sounds fun to you, there are murder mystery dinner train rides near Bradenton Florida.

Best for Replayability

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a game for 3-6 players. It takes on the old trope of a group of friends exploring a creepy old house. As each player explores new rooms, they will find interesting items and will have terrifying encounters. Randomly, at some point in the game, one of the players will learn that they are a traitor. They will then play as a traitor trying to harm their fellow players. There are over 50 scenarios to play through, including vampires, ghosts and zombies.
Games for murder mystery lovers

Great for Sherlock Lovers

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is a fun game for lovers of Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous character. In this game, you and a group of friends (up to 8) are working together to solve a Sherlock Holmes-style mystery. You’ll have to read the newspaper, review clues and read through the storyline to know what’s going on. There are even puzzles to solve. This is a great option for someone wanting to immerse themselves in a late 1800’s mystery.

Most Out-of-the-Box Experience

Mysterium is a game that at first sounds a lot like Clue. You need to learn who the murderer is, where it was done and how it was accomplished. That’s where the similarities end. All but one player plays as a psychic trying to solve the murder. The last player is the ghost of the murder victim. Through the use of artistic images on cards, the ghost will try to guide the psychics to a solution.

For mystery lovers, any of these are a great option for solving a mystery of your own.

I’ve always wanted to do a murder mystery dinner train adventure.  What a cool experience it would be.  Have you been on a train murder mystery experience?  

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  1. That would be cool o kind of have a real murder mystery happen for you. If the actors and other people could act everything out that would be super cool. I’ll have to consider trying something like that out sometime.

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