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You probably should Mind Your Own Business!  This concept seems to be getting harder these days.  I mean, I get it.  There are times we need to stick our noses in things happening around us.  Times when someone is being hurt or mistreated.  Otherwise, some of you NEED to MIND YOUR BUSINESS!

Maybe the problem isn’t minding your own business as it is that some just need to get some business.

“Oh, NO MOMJONZ didn’t!  I know this chick just didn’t tell me to get some business!”

Alright, let’s get down to it.  And yo, don’t get all in your feelings and decide to share across social media telling your family and friends how crazy MomJonz is.  Well, yeah, go ahead and do that.  Share it all day long.  Thank you!  Finish reading first and then click that share button.

You Should Mind Your Own Business

  • Are you going around calling the police on people because they are minding their business?  Is it possible that you should follow suit and mind your own darn business?  Are they causing you, anyone else or themselves harm?  If the answer is no, then MIND. YOUR. OWN. BUSINESS!
  • Did you just insert yourself into someone’s conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with you and you know nothing about what they are talking about?  Now you’re butt hurt cause they told you to, “MIND YOUR BUSINESS!”  I won’t even lie and say that I don’t insert myself into people’s conversations when standing in line and overhear something.  That something is usually a general topic.  It’s also usually something that I agree with that is lighthearted and comical.  Not something that might get me cussed out and sent away with my tail tucked between my legs.  And in case they did tell me to mind my own business.  Yo, I would just bow out and do just that.
  • Oh, one even better.  You sit up in your house worried about what someone else isn’t doing in their household.  Hmmmm…..is your grass always green?  Yes, we see things, and we might discuss it with others (that is a bit of gossip), but before you make it your fulltime job in telling them about their life, you might want to check your front door first.

The Problem When You Don’t Mind Your Own Business

When you don’t mind your own business, you’re only messing up your blessings.  You are too busy looking at what this one or that one is doing.  If you need a different way of thinking about minding your own business, think of it as focusing on your personal goals.  And if you don’t have any goals set. Honey!!!  You need to get yourself some.

You see, when you have goals in life, and you mind those goals, you are too busy looking at the end of YOUR tunnel.  You are too busy minding your own business.  You don’t have time to tell others how to live their life when your opinion really doesn’t matter.  Yeah, in your mind it’s needed, but stay in your lane sometimes.  Just sip your tea and mind your business.

Don’t get me wrong folks.  Heck, it’s okay to give your opinion and insert yourself on some matters that have nothing to do with you.  There are times that we all must step in and take our loved ones by the hand and try to lead them in a different direction.  It’s ok when someone comes to ask you for help.  At that moment, they’ve invited into their business.  Just know when to leave the conference room.  Maybe you do need to step in to help someone who is about to do something destructive.  There are times we need to put our noses elsewhere.  Just know when.

This article is all up in someone’s business, telling someone to mind theirs.  It’s all good.  I get in people’s business all the time as part of my business.  As a blogger, I talk about life.  So, I’m in people’s business.  BUT my goal is to empower others to live life to the fullest by sharing my very own experiences.  By sharing the mistakes.  The hurt.  The joys. The failures.  The successes.  And sometimes that means talking truth about areas of life that others don’t want to hear about.  It may be hitting some nerves that aren’t yet ready to be tapped.  It’s all good.  I get my nerves tapped too.

But as I observe the world, I realize that we have too much time on our hands and not enough willpower to set and achieve goals.  We waste time comparing lives, degrading others, and pointing out everyone else’s wrongs.  If we used half of that energy to focus on bettering our own lives, imagine what we could do.

So, when you wake up in the morning, tell yourself, “I’m minding my own business in that I’m going to mind my own goals!”  And yes, I’m telling myself to mind my own goals too!  Guilty of being all up in someone else’s business.

Stay tuned for part two of this article! 

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