1. Sound advice! I’ve been married to my wife for 23 years and I set the tone with my parents very early on. All decisions about issues and things are diacussed solely between my wife and me. All these years later we still love each other very much.

  2. Excellent share! Gave me some things to think on and a reminder to everyone to keep good boundaries in marriages but you’ve shared it beautifully and your life reflects it as well.
    Maybe parents and others being in one’s business has been a downfall of so many healthy marriages.Yet for those married or planning to be no reason not to take action to turn things around.

  3. Oh girl I hear you!! I could write you a book how parents on both sides can ruin a marriage. Great post on keeping the marriage strong. NEVER go to be angry with each other.

  4. I LOVE this advice! I’m currently single, but I do want to marry the God has for me and these tips are awesome. They make so much sense! Lol thanks for sharing love!!!!

  5. Lisa Jones

    I was married 26 years and it ended because my former spouse could not cut the ties to his family of origin. He would go to them everytime we had an issue and allowed them to disrespect me on a regular basis. He went to dinner with his sister and mother one day and came home and said the marriage was over ” because mommy said ti was a mistake”. 26 years, four children and grandchildren thrown away because of his refusal to keep his parents out. He is now remarried and he is having he same problems with the new wife. Guess who they want him with now? You guessed it. But Ive moved on and if I ever marry again, his mother has to be dead. I cant deal…

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