Getting My Food Prep and Vacuum Sealing On

food vacuum sealer is great to save food
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Look, folks, I’m not even going to pretend that I do right. I stink when it comes to food planning, food prepping and food saving. HORRIBLE! Spell it with me… H O R R I B L E. It’s ok though, I’m going to do better.

Who else is with me in this struggle?

Don’t sit there and lie. It’s ok. We can’t see you. Just go ahead and admit that we’re running a close race. But yo, let’s get our life together. Cause look, the kids will be home on summer break soon, and these jokers want to eat all darn day. Knowing good and well, they eat once at school unless they eat breakfast at school when they first arrive. Now, one of mine does head to the cafeteria in the mornings and orders breakfast. Girl, you better eat at home. Ain’t nobody got time paying $2.25 a day for breakfast when there’s something in the house for you to eat! DadJonz, “that’s the hangout spot in the mornings, as long as she eats it!” Me, “Dude, she can hang out all day long, carry something from home!”

The Crenova Food Vacuum Sealer

Be sure to watch the video shared above to see how I used the food vacuum sealer to seal a bag of chips! My family loves their snacks, but we can never keep chip clips around.

I had the pleasure to test a food vacuum sealer, and the first thing that caught my eye was you could reseal any type of bag and not just the food sealer bags. SCORE! Again, my family loves their snacks.

Food Prep and Food Vacuum Sealer

Step One: Weekly Meal Planning

I already admitted that I’m horrible when it comes to meal planning, but with the help of a Facebook group post every Sunday, I’m improving with meal planning and having a variety of meals because of others sharing their weekly meals. My daughter also sends me ideas she finds on Pinterest. I’m doing better about saving these pins for future cooking of recipes the family enjoys.

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Step Two: Grocery Shopping

Jot down your shopping list and then do a quick search for coupons to help you save. I also enjoy using grocery apps to save on items too.

We either purchase our meat from the local butcher, the commissary or Costco. The food vacuum sealer will come in handy when I need to break the meat down. We’re a family of five, but I don’t need to cook the entire package of fish purchased at Costco. The vacuum sealer will keep it fresh and free from freezer burn.

The one thing to ensure is that your grocery day allows you time to prep the food once you return home or that you dedicate the following day to do so. My goal will be to come straight home from the store and begin prepping cause otherwise my veggies will be lost in the veggie black hole.



Step Three: Use The Food Vacuum Sealer

Fruits and veggies. Ok, this is where I fail! How many of you purchase vegetables, stuff them in the veggie tray and well. Yep, you know it. Forget about them.

The new me will take a little time after the weekly grocery trip to break the meats, fruits, and veggies down using my Food Vacuum Sealer. Wash, dry and seal. I figure it will also help keep the fridge and freezer organized.  It will also help eliminate freezer burned meat.

Meat goes to the deep freezer in the garage, but the meat we are cooking for the week stays in the fridge/freezer in the house. Every night, I take the meat for the next day from the freezer and place it in the fridge. We keep a separate tray in the fridge to keep meat from cross contaminating with other foods. But, with the food vacuum sealer bags, I’m not as worried about leakage. But it will still be placed in a tray.

Meal planning and prepping for your family helps save money for your home. I know, because I have done it, just not consistently. But where I’ve gone wrong, is not properly storing the groceries purchased. Let’s do this together and eliminate wasted food in our homes!

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