A Fun Day At The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

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One goal I set when we found out the family was moving to D.C. was to hit a site once a week or so.  Many times as military families we have big goals to explore our new home for the few years we are there, but then we realize we have things to do.  Things like work, school, activities, etc.  Yeah, normal things like everyone else cause that location becomes our home and not a vacation destination. Then the excuses of why we don’t have time to have fun and explore creeps in.  Well, I made the mistake of telling a friend of mine who was also moving to the area that I wanted to explore and share an article about places in D.C. here on the blog, and she held me to it.  So….our first stop was The Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.

She knows I’m a procrastinator, so last week she sent me a message asking what I had planned and that we were going out.  Ok, cool.  Let’s go.  She said we were going to visit China Town, The National Portrait Gallery Museum and grab some food.  Well, I won’t lie.  I didn’t give a care about visiting the museum, but the mention of food caught my attention.  This friend is a foodie and finds the best restaurants, so let’s do this!

We agreed on a day, and now the question was about getting there.  I mentioned the Metro because the website recommended the Metro as the most convenient method of transportation.  About 30 minutes passed, and my friend came back with a parking garage option instead.  She said, “we can park at City Center Garage in Chinatown for $12.   It opens at 11:30, so we’ll have lunch first.  Is that ok?  I booked it.”  She knows that I’m a go with the flow friend, so go ahead and do your thang!  Plan out the entire day.  Hey, this gal is just along for the fun!

The day came, I drove to my friend’s house, walked in, met one of her other friends for the first time and off we went.  By the end of this adventure, it was like we were childhood friends meeting up for a day out.  Lots of laughs and “oh my” moments for sure.

City Center Garage was an easy find and easy parking.  Walked straight out and strolled through Chinatown and of course took some photos of ourselves.  Selfie time.

After our photo session, laughs and stroll, we stopped at Le Pain Quotidien for a bite to eat.  YUMMY!!!

Time to enter the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery.  We stopped at the front desk to grab a map and a quick discussion about the exact exhibit locations we wanted to see.  Yep, my girlfriend researched the exhibits about what she thought we all would be interested in.  Hey, the other lady and I were perfectly fine with it because during the drive we each determined our place in this relationship.  One is a planner, one is spontaneous, and one goes with the flow.  HEY!  The perfect combination.

We strolled and looked at the many different paintings and sculptors.  It was very impressive looking at the pictures and keeping in mind the dates.  Truly impressive. Technology has brought us far, but the work you see in this gallery is amazing and may make your jaw drop.  We forget that there was a time before this high tech life and there were truly some talented individuals.  The detail of work is astonishing!

Ok, so, let me share some of my favorite pieces with you.  There are so many more, but I had a personal connection with the ones I share here.

Michelle Obama – Painting at the National Portrait Gallery
President Obama
Rosa Parks

We had too much fun!!! Do NOT cross the line marked on the floor. Do NOT!
A fun day with friends at the National Portrait Gallery Washington D.C.
Strike a pose cause we can!

You will find lots of history while exploring The National Portrait Gallery; there’s something there to interest everyone, so don’t worry if you’re not an Arts lover.  Take a stroll through history to see the different paintings and sculptors, all while getting a bit of education about America.

This was so cool to me. Shadow art at national portrait gallery D.C.

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