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A room with a trash can and chairs in it.

The weatherman has been calling for snow for the last few days for Metro D.C.  The accumulations kept changing, and I was getting really bummed.  Heck, if the weather is going to be disrespectful to my body, it might as well deliver some snow.   So, when I opened the door to let Carlos out and saw the first snow of 2019 for Metro D.C., I was excited and how to share with you!

Let it snow!  Let it snow!  Let it snow! 

It snowed in November, and it resulted in the kids having a day off from school.  Don’t you dare tell them I said it, but I would love to have Monday off from school.  Sleep in, hot chocolate and snowball fights.  Yes!  Our kids are old enough for a full-on snowball fight with no mercy given.  Parents vs. kids.

We have our boots, gloves, coats, and hats.  Let’s get this party started!


Hubby and I will be tracking the first snow of 2019 for Metro D.C. and planning our attack!  Our attack on shoveling and attack for our snowball fun!

While we were out earlier today, we noticed the sand trucks staging to head out to sand the roads.  We just wanted to grab some hotdog buns for dinner.  The store was packed, so hopefully, everyone got their necessities.

Are you excited about the forecast?  Do you have your snow shovels, sand/salt?  Hats, gloves, and boots?  This family is ready to enjoy the snow!  You can keep up with our snow fun at MomJonz.

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