Oh My Gosh! These Nose Hairs Are Showcasing My Boogers

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Oh my gosh! I have major nose hair! I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. A couple of weeks ago, I talked about having boogers every time I took my face mask off. Like, what’s up with that? Don’t act like it doesn’t happen to you. No? Ok, that’s fine, I will stand alone on this one. After closely inspecting my nose and my family giving me the business, I’m breaking down and buying a nose hair trimmer.

Those little boogers are hanging on for dear life on the nose hairs. Are you still acting like it doesn’t happen to you? Hmmm….oooooo…..kkkkkkkk….

Women have nose hair too

The other day as I was doing my mirror talk, I noticed this straight black hair hanging out my nose.


Y’all, that joker was straight sticking out like it was saying, “I’m here! and I AM FABulous!”

I whipped out my husband’s Nose Ear Trimmer and took care of it. YES! I cleaned it first. If you know DadJonz, he sanitized that joker before he even put it away. He cleans it and then sprays it with Hydrogen Peroxide.

We should have nose hair

Don’t misunderstand what I’m saying when I say that I’m trimming my nose hair. You should have nose hair.

There are two different nose hair types:

  • Cilia – hair deep in our nose that protects us by catching dangerous particles in mucus
  • Vibrissae – longer nose hair that catches particles before it reaches the cilia. These are the ones you can see. These are the ones staring at me saying, “Hey! I’m FABulous!”

Is it ok to trim nose hair?

It’s perfectly ok to trim your nose hair. You don’t want to trim it too short, though. Don’t go shoving a nose hair trimmer up your nose like a mad woman. Remember, nose hair is there to protect you.

Trim a little off the end to keep those strands from hanging out your nose and showcasing your boogers like they are trophies or something. Ok. Are you ready to admit that I’m not alone here?

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