Don’t Go Broke This Cyber Monday-Earn As You SHOP

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Me Cause its Cyber Monday

Let the MADNESS begin!  It’s time to hit the stores and the lovely web to start shopping for Christmas gifts.  If you’re like my family, the kids give you a long list of items or just two that cost you an arm and a leg.  That’s what happens as they get older. Fewer requests, bigger price tag. But, hey!  No worries, I got you covered.  I prefer the scramble of Cyber Monday over the long lines of Black Friday.

A few years ago I was introduced to a new way of shopping for Cyber Monday and earn some cash at the same time!  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!  “I can get the Cyber Monday Deals and earn some cash?  Please tell me how this works!”

Once told, I won’t even lie….I thought the lady was a fool. I knew she had gotten herself into a crazy scam and was getting me into some crazy scam too.

Nope, I AIN’T doing it!  Then she showed me her account and a few payouts.  Hmmmm…..YES PLEASE!  SIGN ME UP NOW!!!!

Me watching my order submitted on Cyber Monday
Watching as my order is submitted on Cyber Monday!

Earn Money Shopping Online

So, I ran home, clicked the link she sent me, and signed up for FREE!  I’ve been hooked since.  Yes, you read it right, when I said: “clicked her link.”  By her referring me, she was able to make herself a few bucks, and I was able to get a BONUS!  SCORE! 

That was extra cash in my pocket for signing up and shopping at stores I was going to buy from regardless.  I invite you to do the same.  Click my Cashback with Rakuten link and signup.

Add Rakuten as an extension (extension bar on your computer) and allow it to work for you. Whenever you visit a website, it will automatically be notified in a pop up that the site is a partner and you can earn a rebate.

If you’re not down with adding it as an extension, be sure to go to the site, log in, click on the store you are shopping at and earn cash for your purchases.  One other great thing….sometimes they even have special coupon codes that aren’t published on the store’s site!  DOUBLE SCORE!

online shopping and pulling out that wallet to pay
photo credit: JESHOOTS

You also just don’t have to shop online anymore.  There are a few stores that offer this excellent cash-back option in stores as well.  Just link your card to the account, select that store as an option before paying and BOOM!!!! This gal is ALL about saving some cash if she can.

Now that you’ve signed up via my link and started earning/saving yourself some cash, you can also share your very own link with family and friends and make yourself some money too.  All from them signing up via your link!  Like for real, for real.  Just copy and paste your link to your social media account, or email (don’t spam them) it to your family and friends and BOOM!

Earn Cash Back on e-gift cards

As I update this article in 2020, e-gift cards have been added to the list for cashback earnings. This is a WINNER for parents shopping for teens or anyone shopping for someone who has everything.

Over 2,000 Stores to Shop and Earn

With over 2,000 stores in the database, I’m sure at least one of your top 10 retailers are part of this FABULOUS network!  Don’t wait, don’t be scared.  START saving yourself some cash now!  And oh…’s my best trick of all times.  DadJonz: you shopped yesterday (as he looks at the account).  Me: Yes, but we will receive x amount back, so I didn’t spend as much as you see.  It works sometimes.  HAHAHA

Be careful shopping this season though.  Remember, it’s not about buying everything in the store that shows love.  Don’t blow your budget thinking you need to impress anyone.  A gift from the heart is worth WAY more than spending your last dime.

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  1. I’ve been saying I’ll start doing some affiliate marketing since ages but never got to do it. Should seriously do so!
    Thanks a lot for the advice! ??

    1. YES! It’s a great way to make some money. I love this company because I’m able to make some cash and help others save at the same time. Go ahead and get started! 🙂

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