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A close up of wrapped gifts on top of each other

Do you buy yourself Christmas gifts?  I sure do.  Yes, no shame in my game.  I know I make Santa’s naughty list every year, so to ensure I have something under the tree, I shop for a few Christmas gifts for myself.  Hey! Don’t judge.  lol

Christmas is more than just gifts.  We take time to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus in our home. We also ensure we give to others.

But, I won’t lie, I love receiving some good presents. Yes. You can have it both ways.

Look, when you know you’re on the naughty list, you gotta ensure something is under that tree.

Yep, stressing this point again. lol

I take a little time to shop for in-store and online deals for a few things I want.  And yes, I wrap them.  Wrapped and a name tag placed on them.  To: MomJonz From: MomJonz.  And hmmm….yes!  I even act surprised when I open them.  Ok, the truth is.  There have been times I’ve forgotten about buying something, so it’s not always an act.

Christmas Gifts To Buy Yourself

This year, the plan is to buy some much-needed items.  There needs to be a full wardrobe update happening up in here. Fashion Diva Girl has had enough of my lack of caring. And honestly, I agree with her. I actually feel better when I get myself together. How about you?

Ok, so anywho… here goes my list:

Underwear – Don’t even try playing me.  You know you need to update that drawer too.  I’m lazy, so I order my underwear online.  For my Christmas gift, I order myself a couple of sets. Trying to keep my grown and sexy on. And hmmm….I do have a husband who loves seeing nice underwear year-round. Just saying.

Socks – Yeah.  You read that right.  Socks.  My husband will not think to buy me socks, even if I ask him 50 times.  He doesn’t always think of practical gifts when he shops.  He goes for the full-on wow factor.

A woman with her arms out and hands up.

Sweaters and Sweatshirts- It’s cold!  Sweatshirts are great for around the house, a walk/run, or a casual outing with the family. But my stylist (Fashion Diva Girl, my youngest daughter) has told me I need to get back to my heels and cute clothes. So, sweaters and cute tops for the win. But if you’re looking for some cool sweatshirts, t-shirts or long sleeve shirts, visit Doodle Maestro Designs. I love the Control Your Chaos shirt and DadJonz is rocking the robot hoodie.

Workout Gear – Now that I’m getting my butt back to the gym, I need to add some really cute outfits to my wardrobe so I can be FABulous while getting my sweat on.

Spa Day – A day after the holidays, when everyone is back at school and work (well, hubby’s work is school right now).  A good ole massage and relaxation will be for sure.

Do you buy yourself Christmas gifts?  What’s the best gift you’ve purchased for yourself?

Originally published 12/2018 – updated 2020 and not much has changed. I still buy myself Christmas gifts. lol

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