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A bowl of spaghetti with meat and vegetables.

Do you find yourself struggling to find dinner ideas that are delicious and budget-friendly to feed your family? Yeah, you’re not alone. My family complains that I cook the same dinners over and over. My thought…hey! I’m cooking.

They are right though. I cook the same thing over and over. Anyone else with me?

A few of my famous excuses I’ve used:

  • I’m a simple cook
  • I don’t have time to cook an elaborate meal
  • They waste my food
  • and any other excuse that I can come up with

I won’t lie, I had to reevaluate these excuses. What the heck did I mean that I didn’t have time to cook an elaborate meal? My family wasn’t asking for an elaborate meal, they just wanted something different. Something other than the same oh, same oh. Yeah…y’all I had dinner on repeat. It was like the playlist you hear coming from your child’s room. Hmmm…excuse me! Can we get something else? Dang?!

Hey! I had to Get My Life Together! And I’m here to help you get your life together with some delicious and budget-friendly recipes.

Meal Planning Made Simple For You

I remembered an app my hubby purchased over a year ago that gives breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes. eMeals has lots of great recipes for all three meals and special occasions. Find crockpot meals, Vegan, Keto, 30 Minute meals, and more. And you can get a FREE 14 Day TRIAL.

Make sure you check out the eMeals app I shared above. I also want to share some dinner recipes here with you that I find as I search the web for new and delicious dinner recipes. And oh….Save money while grocery shopping.

Download this grocery saving app too. Save! Save! Save!

Nope! None of these are my own recipes, but I will link to the sites for you to easily access the recipes.


Amazon Affiliate – click photo to learn more and purchase

Delicious Chicken Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Baked Cajun Chicken Breasts

One Pot Creamy Cajun Chicken Pasta

Creamy Tuscan Chicken Thighs

Delicious Beef Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Easy Taco Pasta (One Pot)

Cajun Butter Steak Bites

Slow Cooker Creamy Meatball Stroganoff

Homemade Sloppy Joes

Slow Cooker Chili Recipe

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Delicious Fish & Seafood Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Baked Lemon Garlic Salmon

Honey Teriyaki Baked Salmon

Garlic Butter Baked Salmon

Spicy Shrimp Tacos with Garlic Cilantro Lime Slaw

Delicious Pork Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Slow Cooker Honey Lime Salsa Verde Pork

Stuffed Iowa Chops

Delicious Turkey Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Southern Smothered Baked Turkey Wings

Delicious Meatless Dinner Recipes For Your Family

Healthy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos (with honey and lime)

Miso and Soba Noodle Soup with Roasted Sriracha Tofu and Shitake Mushrooms

Delicious Veggie Side Dish Recipes For Your Family

Grilled Yellow Squash

I will add more recipes as I find and try new dinner recipes. Let me know in the comments which ones you try.

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