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A person sitting on a bench wearing pink socks

photo: Chrissy’s Knee-High Socks

“Socks!  Where are my socks?!”  Come on now, tell me my household isn’t the only one with the problem of socks going in the washer as a pair, but come out of the dryer alone.  Socks are something we buy often.  We buy all sorts of socks.  No-show socks, ankle socks, knee-high socks, and thigh-high socks.  I’m going to share a bit about how we wear thigh-high socks in our home. And let you know how you can order custom thigh-high socks from Chrissy’s Knee-High Socks, made right here in the USA.

I told my teenager I was writing an article for a client about custom thigh-high socks and how to wear thigh-high socks.  So, yes, this is a sponsored post, but this is my story and all views and opinions are mine.  Anywho, let’s get to the point cause it’s an exciting one!

Back to the discussion with my daughter.

She immediately looked up from her phone and wanted to know what I was going to write about.  She also said, “oh, boy.  What party are you guys off to for you to show off your animal print socks?”  She knows me, oh, so well.

“Well, girlfriend, we’re not going to any party and thank you for reminding me that I need to get my Halloween costume together.  And since you reminded me, it will probably have something to do with some pretty cool socks.”

A picture of some socks with the words " custom socks with chrissy 's knee high socks ".

Ordering Your Custom Thigh-High or Knee-High Socks

Once you decide that you want to add custom socks to your wardrobe, your team, event, etc., head over to the create your own socks online order form. 

You choose:

  1. The color
  2. The quantity (Minimum 12 Pair)
  3. Number of stripes
  4. Lettering/Numbers – Limit 10 characters, including spaces

And hey, it’s FREE shipping and MADE IN THE USA.

Now that you know you can create custom socks,  you wonder the different ways people wear thigh-high socks.  Keep reading, and I will feel you in on how my family wears them.

A person wearing roller blades and red socks.

photo: Chrissy’s Knee-High Socks

Thigh-High Socks For Athletes

We have a horseback rider and softball player in our home.  My teen who gave me the crazy look when I shared about writing this article plays softball for her high school.  When she received the team uniform last year, she quickly realized the sliding pants were too short.  Girlfriend has legs for days.  The issued team socks hit right below her knees.  So once she started running, the pants would creep up her legs even more.  I reminded her of that fateful day she obeyed the coach’s signal and slid into third.  Thigh-high socks would’ve had her covered and saved her from the nice battle wound she now has for life.

Yep!  She kindly went back to her phone, so I could kindly start on this article.

My daughter, who rides horses love thigh-socks for extra layers.  When riding during colder months, they feel great under her breeches; giving her that extra warmth during lessons.  She also enjoys wearing long socks with her breeches that have the stirrups cut.  Don’t even ask why she cut the stirrups off of the breeches. Trust me. I gave her the blank mama stare.  When I asked, she said she cut them because the breeches were too short, but they still fit her waist.   Wearing knee-high socks helps keep the pants from creeping up.

Sports teams or individuals can select a color and have their name and number printed on the socks.  How cool would that be?

Staying Warm With Thigh-High Socks

Boots and Socks

I love wearing long socks with boots.  Whenever I swear boots with a skirt or dress, I hate feeling the material of the boot rubbing against my leg.  Wearing high socks helps.  My skirts usually hit right above the knee, but when I sit or if there’s a split, the cute socks peek through.

Long Socks For Cold Weather

My kids catch the bus for school.  That means, they are outside for a few minutes and it gets cold in the D.C. area.  They enjoy wearing knee-length or thigh-high socks as an extra layer.

I also love wearing long socks as a layer.  Have you ever been out and the urge to use the bathroom hits.  Oh, boy!  When it’s cold out, you’re removing layers for days.  So, instead of wearing leggings, I wear long socks.  There’s nothing extra to pull down.  Are you following me? Yeah, shaving those few seconds off your pee-pee dance is important!

A woman wearing knee high socks and boots.

Socks And Fashion

Socks For Themed Events

If you have a themed party and need a costume, fun and printed socks are great.  Many costume options suggest cute thigh-high socks.

I also like the patriotic socks for holidays.  As a Navy wife, I think the camo socks are super cool and would be great for the military Balls when the men wear the party shirts and socks.

Hmmm…that last sentence made me think.  I haven’t noticed if the women who are active duty wear party shirts.

Last But Not Least – Thigh-High Socks With Skirts And Shorts

Pairing a simple skirt with a pair of boots and statement socks or tights are a winner for sure!  If you don’t like the feel of tights or know that you need a quick release for the potty, knee or thigh-high socks is your answer.

I like the socks with the animal face or bright colors.  We all have a simple black skirt, but with a little pop of color with your socks…..You’re a FASHIONISTA!

Now that you know several ways to wear thigh-high socks, order yours now.  And don’t forget to check out how to order custom thigh-high or knee-high socks too.

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