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My name is MomJonz, and I have a shoe problem.  Like for real, for real.  I LOVE shoes.  When it was time to purge and sort for our move to Hawaii vs. long-term storage, I had a hard time letting go of my boots.  I did bring a few pair, but my husband told me I was insane bringing winter boots to the sand.  Dude, whatever!  I Love SHOES!  He also thought I was insane for bringing my winter coat.  Hmmm…..we moved here two days after Christmas. It was cold leaving Maryland!  So, why I love shoes so?

My One Reason Of Why I Love Shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit.  I don’t care how cute your outfit is, if you have on the wrong shoes it’s a hot mess.

I can’t even lie and say I don’t check you from head to toe cause I do.  However, I will NEVER publically shame anyone about their attire, that’s just plain rude and would make me a jerk.  So, DON’T you do it either. BUT, if you’re a friend, I will take you by the hand and show you the way.  I can’t stand by and watch a friend go out like that.  It’s love, my friend. It’s love.

Pre-children days I used to drop a pretty penny on shoes, but when you start having little people, they take some of your spending money.  The little crumb snatchers need diapers, clothes, and food.  DadJonz didn’t want me to cut corners on my appearance, he said we could cut out other areas of spending.

That was a welcoming challenge for me cause I had to prove to him that I could cut spending on Fashion and still Look Good!  Well, it took me a few years to win this imaginary challenge.  But, 2012 I won!  Yeah, it was all in my head that we had a challenge for ways to cut spending for my wardrobe.  The man was just like….BUY YOURSELF SOME NICE CLOTHES! JUST! BUY! THE! DARN! SHOES!!!

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DadJonz is an honest man, and sometimes honesty can be brutal.  This man had the nerve to tell me to redo my entire wardrobe.  No stumbling over his words and he even started throwing my clothes away!

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He wants all of us to look nice when we step out of this house.  And let me tell you, we don’t have little people anymore.  One of our kids wears the same shoe size as I do.  YES,  Procrastination Jonz has lost her darn mind touching my shoes.  She’s gotten her feelings hurt a time or two.  Don’t mess with my shoes!  So, we just order her’s. Ok…..back to the point of this paragraph…..Well, I’ve slacked a bit recently.  Well, a lot.  There’s no denying this one bit.  And there’s no hiding cause I have some locals that read my blog and will call me out.  But, one thing everyone can say about me when I do get dressed is that I’m HOT to TROT and have FABULOUS SHOES!  WHHAAATTTT???!!!!

The burning question for many is always, “where did you get those shoes?” Or as a friend just said, “I can’t remember what you wore that night, but I remembered your shoes!”  I might step out in some lipstick heels or maybe a yellow pair with a mirror for a heel (I have an awesome picture somewhere rocking these shoes, I gotta find it and share it soon).  No, not stripper shoes, just some really cute and unique shoes to make my outfit pop!

My Dirty Little Secret Of Where I Get My FAB Shoes and Clothes

Well, my friends, I’m ready to share my dirty little secret.  I joined a VIP program for shoes, clothes, and accessories.  Not a monthly subscription box where the company sends me shoes, but I do pay a monthly a fee that equates to one pair of shoes.  You can also purchase clothes, accessories, and handbags.  If there’s nothing I see that month or I don’t want to spend the money I can either skip that month or let the charge occur and allow the credit to add to my account.  I’ve been a member since 2012 and haven’t regretted not one month nor one purchase.

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The cost is nowhere near what I used to spend for shoes, but the quality is grand!  That’s a win/win!  So, if you need to revamp your wardrobe, I invite you to join me on this shopping adventure without blowing your budget.  You should have a monthly budget!  Budget for all of your spending, it will save you a lot of heartache on down the road.

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