1. I have just realized that life happens kids happens events happen and sometimes I get side tracked but doesn’t mean I don’t love them. Friends are important but I’m very selective bc I’m a private person. So I don’t have as many as I did when I was in my younger days.

    • MomJonz

      Friendships as adults allow us to be more selective, otherwise we waste our own time and energy where we shouldn’t.

  2. Indeed Friends are easily made when we are young because we dont have all the negative judgmental attitude at that time. As we grow we start to listen to our parents, peers and their parents seeds, communities, elders, teachers etc,…we dont really have our own character by the time we are 18 we have a mish-mash of ideas planted by those we are entrusted with to mentor and guide us to grow into responsible adults…So we are less open to spontaneous friendships…a sad thing really! Let me call my friends! Thanks Sybil for the reminder!

    • MomJonz

      Friends are important. Good, healthy friendships that is. Be sure to reach out to friends to let them know you’re thinking of them.

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