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From Curly To Straight

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MomJonz shares her favorite naturally curly hair products and showing off her straight style for the week.

Going from curly to straight happened yesterday!  It’s been a while since I’ve worn my hair straight.  Being natural allows for many different styles, but for me, I love wearing my hair BIG and curly.  No matter if it’s a good or bad hair day, it’s a good hair day when you rock your naturally curly hair.  Naw, not knocking my sisters who relax their hair, just saying that I love my natural curls and there’s no such thing as a bad hair day. It’s just a little challenging hair day.  lol Rock those curls and strut your stuff even on day 5 when it may be a bit wild indeed.  My curly girls know what I’m talking about.  Love your hair and wear it with pride!

I’ve been natural for 15 years now and wouldn’t change it!  What I love most about wearing my natural curls is that you never know the result from day to day.  I can do the same process today and tomorrow, but the style will come out with two different outcomes.  And even on day 5, no worries.  I will pull it up in a big ole poof and go about my business.  Yes, rock those curls no matter what.

This gal needed to cover up some of her wisdom.  Yep, I was letting all the tea be known that there was a lot of knowledge about life happening in this little body.

The Moment I Went From Curly to Straight

So, yesterday I went in to take care of that wisdom.  When I booked the appointment, I requested to get a flat iron.  The last time I booked this, I backed out.  Yes, yes, I did.  But not this time.

After my color was rinsed, a good shampoo and conditioning, back to the chair we went.

Ohhh….the round brush and blow dryer came out.

Ok, still holding my composure.

Next up was the flatiron.  Tiarra pulled out the flatiron as she trimmed my ends.  I was distracted because you already know, I was running my mouth a mile a minute.

The outcome was AMAZING!  It’s been years since I’ve seen my hair silky straight.

When my kids came in from school Procrastination Jonz said, “oh mommy!  Never Stiff!  Never Stiff!”  Equestrian Girl Forever said, “Your hair looks really nice.  I like it!”  Of course, we had a photo session because that’s what we do up in here.  Pose, pose, pose!

It’s time for Fashion Diva Girl to enter.  She took one look and said, “oh!  You got your hair dyed!  Thank you!  It looks really nice!  You look younger.  I mean, you don’t look like a mom anyway, but now you really look young!”  “Hmmm….well, thank you.”  I think.

Now enters my husband.  Carlos always greets him at the door, and it’s their male bonding time because my hubby drops his bags, and all I hear is, “blah, blah, blah. oh, you want to play? Blah, blah, blah. You’re a good boy!  blah, blah, blah.”   He finally entered the kitchen and said, “oh dear!  I like your hair.  Wow, you can really pass for the kids’ sister now.  I mean, instead of looking 30, you now look 23. You always look good to me baby.  Ok, I will be upstairs.”  I’m 41 and people think I’m the kids’ sister.

Gotta love my family.  We don’t hold back not one bit.

The goal is to maintain my straight style for about two weeks.  Wrapping it nightly will be key.

Let me share the products I will use to maintain my straight, silky style and what I use for my natural curls.

Naturally curly to straight. A little flatiron for a couple of weeks to rock my straight style

My Go To Naturally Curly Hair Products and Straight Style Tools That I Use and Love

Straight hair products:

Argan Oil – a small amount every other day.  Keeps hair moisturized and shiny.  Also helps with fly aways.

Denman Brush – use it to wrap my hair at night and to brush it each morning.  No full on brush.  Once I remove the hair scarf I finger comb my hair and then use the Denman brush to bring it all together.

Silk Hair Scarf Wrap – to wrap hair with at night.  Any silk scarf will do, but I like this one.

Mesh Hair Wrap – I use this to hold my wrapped hair in place and then tie it off with the silk scarf.

Photo rights: MomJonz

Naturally Curly hair products I use and love:

Shampoo and Conditioner– I usually grab a combo pack from Ross or TJMaxx

Argan Oil

Wide Tooth Comb – I always have one with a hook to keep in the shower.  Shampoo, condition, shower, comb to detangle, rinse conditioner.

Denman Brush – It tends to give me a different curl pattern.  I use this brush after detangling with a wide tooth comb. Not every time, but from time to time.

My favorite hair bonnet for curly hair – I call this my Marge Simpson look.  Great for big, curly hair.

My Curl juice – What my beautician introduced me to.  It works great for my curls.  As I detangle, I use a small amount and finger comb my curls.

My straight style will last about two weeks as long as I maintain it and not get my hair wet.  One drop of water!  It’s a wrap.

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