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Keep your man styling, profiling, and comfortable with two clothing subscriptions that are delivered to your door. And guess what? You don’t have to shop for him. Answer a few questions, and BAM! Clothing delivered!

I’m about to tell you about the two men’s clothing subscription services that my husband uses and loves. It’s like Christmas or his birthday year-round.

No leaving the house and during this pandemic, that’s a major plus. My husband also loves rotating his wardrobe regularly. These two men’s clothing subscriptions help him do just that without breaking the bank.

First up:

Men’s Clothing Subscription For Daily Wear

MENLO CLUB – a male clothing subscription offering curated style choices on a monthly or quarterly option. Menlo Club offers a mixture of clothing:

  • Jeans
  • T-shirts
  • Collared shirts
  • Jackets
  • Sweats
  • Shoes
  • And more

If your husband loves to dress fresh and stay up with the latest trends (or you think he needs an update), Menlo Club is a good option for you to try.

Do you want to purchase a Menlo Club subscription for a student? They have a discount for students called StudentBeans. Yep! Hook up a student and save some money! Shop their Black Friday Deal now and save too.

A black friday special offer for the first package.

Sign Up For Menlo Club now

Men’s Clothing Subscription For Comfort and Exercising

Fabletics – Yes! Fabletics has clothing for men. DadJonz got hooked on Fabletics because I get my workout gear here. When they added the men’s line, and Kevin Hart started talking about it, hubby was sold.

When you become a VIP member, you receive up to 50% off your purchase every single day. Answer a few questions when you sign up, and every month you will receive a reminder email to shop or skip. This reminder will highlight curated outfits just for you. If you want to skip, simply click “skip” by the 5th of the month, and you will not be charged. I love that I can skip for the month without a charge or allow the charge to happen, and the funds are held in my Fabletics account as a credit for future use. The credits NEVER expire. Trust me. The credits come in handy for those months when you have a few different items you want. My husband shops every month and loves the clothing for workouts and loungewear.

Both of the men’s clothing subscriptions works great for my husband. He’s styling, profiling, and being comfortable every single day.

And in closing…when you sign up via one of these links, you’re hooking DadJonz up. He will receive a credit for his next purchase. Yep! He’s saying…sign up for yo man.


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